2. 😬Toxic/Fake Friends😬

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How to tell if your 'friend' is fake/toxic.

1. They ONLY come/talk to you when they want something
-If your 'friend' starts doing this you need to cut them off ✂️. They are trying to benefit from you! They don't really care what happens to you.

2. Tells your business to others 🗣
-Nobody wants a friend that tells their business to others. Especially people they aren't too fond of.

3. Negative Vibes🤮
-Most people can sense when someone brings around a negative vibe. Find someone who is positive and looks on the bright side of things. Someone you can connect with.

4. Hangs out with your 'enemies'🙄
-If your 'friend' hangs out with people you don't like, they will most likely be telling them information about you. You don't want your enemies knowing things about you. They could spread rumours about you.

*bonus tip:* they don't support you
-9 tines out of 10, when someone doesn't support you in something good, they don't want you to succeed. Your fake friend doesn't want to see you win.

If your 'friend' checks 2 of these boxes, cut em off!✂️

Comment some tips you know for finding out of your friend is toxic/fake.


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