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A/N ~ my longest chapter which had me squealing! Writing this at midnight haha love you petals.

//Panisha's POV//

I was going to go out for a run; Jungkook offered to come with me so I agreed.

It would be more fun if I'm not alone; and being alone even in bright daylight still reminds me of that time I was harassed.

I was about to grab the dorm keys until my arm accidentally pushed a metal jar onto my foot.

"A-AISH you little piece of-" I was close to cursing and I was trying to hard to get out of my habit!

"Did I do something? I'm so so so sorry if I did...I-I didn't mean to!" Jungkook suddenly stuttered trying to apologise for something he didn't even do.

He's really thoughtful.

"Not you..." I mumbled while pursing my lips together making the words sound different to how I pictured them in my mind.

"No..Nochu?" He laughed looking at me confused picking up the jar and placing it back on top of the cabinet.

"I said NOT YOU! 'Nochu' isn't even a real word in the English Language." I scolded him for misinterpreting my words.

Nochu sounds cute though doesn't it?

He just giggled in response swinging the keys between in fingers before looking at me.

"Shall we g-go?" She stuttered again; his shyness creeping back into his cheeks.

"Sure Nochu," I replied wanting to see his reaction to my newly given nickname ; his blushed cheeks reddened more making me satisfied with my comment.

I opened the door gently hearing the floor creak and voices of people I wished I'd never meet again...

"I-It's you-" I felt myself shake while I said those words; all the confidence being sucked out of me like a sponge in water.

It's them....

the boys who harassed me that one night.

I'm terrified...how did they find where I'm staying?! Are they stalking me?!
What am I going to do now they know where I am!!

I used the only courage left inside me to move my eyes up to observe the boys; I was familiar with their facial expressions.

The boy with the silver coloured hair and large dashing eyes...Xiumin?

"How are you sweetheart...?" He smirked shoving his hands deep inside his pockets.

His staring made me more than uncomfortable like his pupils were infusing with my own.

The other boy I remember as well...he was the scariest and most intimidating...a boy with messy blonde hair with brown streaks matching with blue eyes.

His eyes weren't pretty like the ocean...they were another type of blue...like cold ice.

"Move you little bastard she's my catch not yours!" Chad shouted making me flinch shutting my eyes close tightly not daring to open them.

Is this it for me....I'm too young to be separated from my purity....what have I gotten myself into!

I'm too terrified to run or hide...they'll find me again....what am I supposed to do?

I felt tears at the brim of my eyes imagining how my parents would react if I ever told them I was rap-

"Baby if you listen to us; you'll have a lot more fun I promise," Chad said spacing out his words likes I'm a kindergarten student.

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