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I woke up to the sound of something breaking.


A groan slipped from my lips as I rolled over on top of my ratty mattress and similarly disheveled blanket that barely covered my body. I didn't feel like getting up and fixing whatever had broken today.

Some all just became too much work.

After another five minutes of rolling around and praying that the thing would fix itself on its own, which I knew it wouldn't, I finally got up. I rubbed my eyes and stretched before slipping into a pair of warm slippers I'd found at the last house I'd renovated.

"Renovated". More like attempted to make semi-useful.

Four months ago, I was sitting on my leather couch, staring at the news as it explained the horrors of the world falling apart. Back then, it was hard to comprehend. I assumed that it was simply a scare...and a week later everything would be fine again.

I had assumed wrong.

For the past four months, I'd been scavenging one house to another, looking for food...water...anything to help me last another day. It'd been hard work at first - learning to survive in a dead world would be - but slowly, I got the hang of it.

Even the days I switched houses...

I found less stuff. Growing my own food would take too long, and I would be long dead before I could succeed in such a thing. Shockingly enough, I had yet to come upon other humans. Despite this, I still did whatever I could to help the other survivors...who I knew had to be out there.

If there was one thing I was skilled at in the was renovation.

...Or my version of renovation.

At each house I went to, I found that most of the electronics were completely dead. And even if electricity seemed small in the grand scheme of created a huge difference in survival.

I powered up whatever I could find by converting the electrical appliances into needing solar energy. Then, I left them there...lights on, in the hopes that another survivor would come by and use what I had created.

It was a weak hope. Most of the time, my inventions quickly broke before they could be of any use. It didn't stop me from trying.

Today, I wasn't in the mood to try.

I hadn't eaten in a week. I was running out of water bottles, with no clue how to get more...and I wasn't sure what use it was for me to keep walking.

I let out a sigh and walked out of the bedroom I'd been staying in for the past two weeks. I tended to remain in a house for a while...a long enough time for me to fix it up.

Soon, I worried I wouldn't be able to keep moving.

Not unless I figured out a way to survive in nature without granola bars and water bottles.

I'd never been great with survival skills. I'd only survived so far based on my engineering abilities and my capability of scrounging for food. If there was one thing that would be useful to would be a massive survival manual.

I had yet to find one.

Time to keep looking.

A part of me felt guilty for not fixing up this house like I had the others, but another part of my soul knew my fight was nearly gone. Maybe that was why I was giving up so easily.

Outside the house, the sun was shining bright as it usually did. It burned my eyes, which had become used to the artificial, solar-powered light bulbs inside the house. I pushed on through the pain, and made my way to a house a couple over in the neighborhood.

The first thing I acknowledged was the garage which had been left wide open. Somebody else had probably scavenged the heck out of it already, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to try.

There was no food left inside. No jugs of water. Just a rusty navy Jeep...a few rakes...and...

I squinted at the garage's dark interior. Was that what I thought it was?

I knelt down by the suspicious looking object, dropping my pack of miscellaneous items I'd been bringing with me. Tools, food, water, the works. I pushed away a spare tire and a broom to find what lay underneath.

I smiled to myself. I hadn't seen one of these babies in years.

A bot.

Bots had become popular just before everything had fallen. They had ones for everything -  fashion, doing makeup, shopping, even nursing. I brushed the dust away from the bots chest...


I wasn't sure what that meant. What I was sure of?

I was going to power this thing up.

Despite being well-toned in the art of solar power, it still took me five hours to build a contraption to get it working...then another two hours to recharge.

By the end of it, my stomach was rumbling furiously and I felt as though I'd pass out from dehydration. I was worried that this was a mistake...that I should have kept looking for food and water...

Inside, I knew there was no way to survive the apocalypse without taking risks.

I tapped the bots screen. Then, hit it harder. Come on...just work...

It's small panel came to life.

"Hello, Miss. I am Travel Bot 4657 at your service. Where would you like to vacation to today?" asked the bot, an electronic smile spreading on its screen.

I felt my heart sink.

After all of that...a travel bot. Meant for having a perfect vacation...

I let out a frustrated scream and through the broom across the room before hiding my head in my hands.

Then, I heard a whirring noise. I looked up and found the bots metal hand against my neck.

"It seems you are in trouble. Would you like to go into survival mode?"

I blinked.

And blinked again.

Of course. Of course it would have a mode for the worst case scenario that could happen on vacation.

I nodded. It was all I could do not to scream in joy. If there was one thing I was sure of...

I would not die today.

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