He came back to the bed and I lifted him up and Then cordae and Manny got up and ran out of the door "That wasn't suspicious at all" I grabbed a diaper and the wipes and changed him.

I grabbed his iPad and turned it on and put on his youtube and I gave him his pacifier I got up and put him on the couch and gave him his iPad.

I went to the thing that had my clothes in it and grabbed my pants and brah. I took the hospital gown off and put my bra on and then pulled my pants on.

I still had the I.V in my arm so I threw the hospital gown on the counter and texted Jahseh.

Jazmin❤: hey Jahseh can u do me a favor.

Jahseh💔: Jazmin omg your back, wassup tho

Jazmin❤: yes I'm back, could u go into my room and grab my MCM bag and grab my nine shorts and socks and put them in the bag and bring it to me.

Jahseh💔: Yeah I got u baby girl, whos all there with u?

Jazmin❤: Me and Dominic rn Carl went and got food and Cordae and Manny just randomly ran out and left.

Jahseh💔: ok ok on my way rn.

Jazmin❤: otay if u see lip walking with Antonio pick them up there coming here.

Jahseh💔: ight ill see u in a few.

Jazmin❤: okay bye

Jahseh💔: Bye

I sat on the bed and waited for everyone to come back. It's currently 6:00 o'clock and Dominics watching tv on his iPad and I'm answering text messages from yesterday.

I heard the door open and I looked up and seen Lip and Antonio and Jahseh walking in "That was fast" I said and Jahseh passed me the bag Antonio came up to me and he had his backpack "Hi baby how was school" I asked Antonio.

I pulled him on the bed "Good I had fun" he said back "You got homework" I asked him he shook his head yes and pulled his backpack off his backpack. He got down and went to Jahseh and I pulled the papers out of his backpack.

I found his homework and I said "come here Antonio lets get your homework done" he came and climbed on the bed and I grabbed the book outta the bag. "Ok Antonio right your name on the top baby" I gave him the pencil and he started writing his name.

"Good job" I looked at the first problem and solved it for myself let me remind u this kid is in the 1st-grade and he's smart asf and with his math when he has word problems like these we use money.

"Jah give me your wallet" jahseh pulled his wallet out and handed it to me this nigga had over 2 grand in his damn wallet I moved Antonio in front of me and said "Ok the problem says if Mark has 3 cans and jack give him 3 more how many cans will mark have"

"Whos mark," Antonio asked  I laughed and said "Let me restate that" I looked down at the paper then back at Antonio "if I gave u 3 dollars then uncle's lip gives u 3 more how many dollars will u have" he looked up at the Ceiling and I said "Otay lets work it out"

I opened Jahsehs wallet and grabbed out some of the money "Ok if I give u three dollars *hands him three dollars* then uncle lip gives u three dollars *lip gives him 3 dollars* how many dollars would u have" Antonio counted the dollar bills and said "6 dollars" I high fived him and he wrote it down.

"Otay otay ummmm," I said trying to solve the problem myself "Otay if I gave u 5 dollars *gives him 5 dollars* then I take 2 dollars away how many dollars u gonna have left" Antonio looked down at the money and said 3 dollars" what u tell u, my baby, smart.

"Ok give it here" I sighed the bottom of it and put it back in his folder I   the other stuff out and seen the paper he must have done in class which was writing his name I grabbed a letter from the take-home side of the folder"

It was for a Field trip damn they going on a field trip already shit they're going to an aquarium "Take this to uncle Jah" he got off the bed and took it to Jahseh "there is no aquarium in Chicago" 

Jahseh read the letter and he said " Oooh shit they're trying to take him out of state" I looked over at him and said "Hell Naw they ain't taking my baby" Lip laughed and said "They're keeping them overnight"

"I would let him go but he has the withdraw things and he can't be away from me for ten minutes without Crying" Jahseh pulled a pop tart out of his pocket and gave it to Antonio "Why do u have a pop tart in your pocket"

He looked at me and said "I put it in my pocket this morning and was gonna eat it and never did" I laughed Antonio came and laid between my legs I played with his hair and picked the stuff outta it.

Carls POV

I hate Chicago bro it took my about an hour to get food and come back I'm on my way back up to her room rn i sure hope she doesn't suspect I was doing something.

But I got up there and Antonio was laying in between Jazmin's legs eating a pop tart and Dominic's sitting on the couch with Jahseh watching something on his Ipad.

I put the food down and said "I'm never going anywhere in a Uber again" Jazmin looked up at me "Why" and I said "Because they take to long and it's just weird"

We all ate and chilled and Lip and Jahseh left I put Dominic in his pajamas and he started screaming.

Jazmin's POV

I think Dominic's teeth are starting to offically coming in cause he is Screaming his head off he won't take his pacifier or cup he keeps crying so the only thing u can do is just let him cry it out .

"Dominic chill out" I said cause I was staring to get irratated he just kept crying until the room feel silent and Carl came out of the bathroom and said "He's asleep" i grabbed my phone and took a picture and that lil boy was gone.

"Dominic chill out" I said cause I was staring to get irratated he just kept crying until the room feel silent and Carl came out of the bathroom and said "He's asleep" i grabbed my phone and took a picture and that lil boy was gone

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I captioned the picture 'He cried himself to sleep in this position' Carl picked him up and layed him on the couch bed thing and covered him up he came and layed with me I scootched over and he layed on the bed with me.

I reached and turned the light off and we both fell asleep...

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