Chapter eighteen.

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"I had a chat with Iris too recently." She informs.

"And how recent was that?"

"An hour ago, I'm guessing. But it wasn't that long. She had to leave for some dinner."

"Hey, you promised you'll call me first." ! frown at the camera, glance at myself with the expression.

"I remember very well, but Iris had to go so I estimated how I'll get more time for you." Her background moves around, making unpleasant noises flow through my head phones.

"Iris told me," She places the iPad somewhere, bending down in an attempt to keep it in place. I smile at her grunts and scowls while she struggles to keep the thing in place. She lets out an audible sigh of relief after her little success and stands up to straighten her back.

"Alrightie, where was I?" Her video switches to an unclear image before coming back to its clean form.

"Iris told you?" I guess I know the answer myself. I watch her slowly walk around her small kitchen in search of something before coming back to my screen.

"Mhm, she informed me, instead of you, about one of your fathers old friend visiting." I purse my lips. Of course she did. "How long has it been now?

"2 weeks I guess." I pretend to think. "What are you cookin' there, good lookin'?"

"Stop buttering darling and tell me about the boy you've been crushing on."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Oh I remember visiting Des and Anne when their boy was just 5. What was his name?"

"I-i don't know." It is getting pretty useless to hide stuff.

"Harry! Yes, Harry Styles. I knew since the first time I saw him that he would be a lady killer when he grows older. Oh isn't it wonderful how I'm absolutely correct." She settle down on a seat, facing the camera towards her, grinning at me.

"No, Oma. Seriously?." She like us to call her 'Oma'. This woman lives her life to the fullest, despite her age. Her enthusiasm and amount of energy is ever-inspiring.

"Tell me."

"Tell you what?"

"Just tell me." She had gotten to curious to let the topic dim down. I inhale, sitting up properly and gathering my thoughts in the process. Gathering all the important aspects and words.

"They kept visiting, we kept visiting their house. I mean I knew we'll be seeing each other more than once a week. I take the first step in making a small bond between us but he was just too disrespectful and impolite to come along which only threw me backwards."

"What an arrogant son of a bi-" My grandma interrupts me. I raise an eye brow at her. "British! What an arrogant son of a British."

I chuckle at her creation. "Wow, Oma. Teaching real nice things to her Grandchild."

"Shhh, Stop changing the subject, Go on dear." I shake my head, smiling at the amount of interest she shows in my life.

"So yeah, he came up again to take me for ice-cream just to make it up to me." I could detect her giddiness from here. "Oma, don't you make it up to people just because you're friends?"

"It actually depends on the situation if you ask me. That's not always the case."

"That is exactly what I did not understand before." I realize. "He made it up to me, only to treat me like a stranger the next day, in front of his friends." I skip the Chase part. "You know how my mother liked ball themed anniversary parties, yeah?"

"Of course I do! I even sent them a gift on their anniversary. But well I never got a reply. It was late so I thought maybe it didn't reach her on time. It has been long though," She purses her lips. "Do me a favor; ask your mother as soon as you can and let me know then and there. I've been pumped for her reply for quite long." She forces her smile. Even though the video has gotten a bit unclear along with the voice, even though I'm just seeing her through the webcam. I can detect the pain behind her eyes. The pain of never getting the time of her own daughter when she actually deserves so much more. The pain of not get replies from her own daughter for months but still understanding her routine (it isn't that busy. Rich people you know.) And actually never changing her everlasting love for her.

"Of course I will. Don't worry, Oma. She probably got it." I flash a bright smile at her to cheer her mood a bit and maybe it had gotten a little bit successful.

"Alrightie, so go on now."

"Um yeah. So they were obviously invited and did Iris tell you about Xavier. She probably did not so I'll let you know how in love with him she is and you can ask the rest of the story from her."

"I'm missing on so much! Oh god!" I chuckle at her little excitement. "Pardon. Carry on."

"Ok. Well that night he was actually nice but I tried not to fall for that temporary attitude. But then he taught me how to dance and we ended up dancing together."

"Wait, wait. In front of your parents?"

"I was getting to that point." I smile at her. "Well, I saw mom watching. I left. She never asked anything. No harm done."

"Honey, I hope you are aware how your father is the reason behind what they are today."

"I am."

"And they still are not on the level your father had gotten in such a short time."

"I know. Why are you telling me this?" I lay back down on my pillow.

"Your mother will never approve the idea of you two together." There was this urge inside me which wanted the reason behind this fact but that will only make her curious.

"That won't happen, ever. I called it off yesterday only to get reminded that we were never friends. I don't care anymore." I roll my eyes at the dryness of the situation. I really wish she doesn't asks for a reason on my backing away.

"Then what's the worry?" Oma had been a psychiatric for 17 years straight. She indulged herself in this field after Grandpas death only to escape the agonizing darkness his death was shading upon her. And maybe that is why she knows me, the way she does. It's a great advantage for her. She can detect emotions in every movement of mine.

I squeeze my eyes shut for a moment, asking myself the same question. "Exactly." I exhale.

When I open my eyes only to note her smiling at me, a knowing smile. "You care."

"I don't!"

"You do, but you think you don't."

"Oma! Please, I really don't." I do....

"Whatever you say, darling." She chuckles. "I'll just advise you to watch his steps along with yours. They play, we break. It's the cliché truth."

I pull up an act which didn't care what advice she gave because that's never going to happen. But I was secretly tattooing the words in my memory, not letting it fade away. I was imagining, I was fantasizing and I was gradually, yet thoughtlessly, falling.

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