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ONCE ALL THE COMMOTION died down, Chiron continued the conversation, "We still have one more person to join in on the quest

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ONCE ALL THE COMMOTION died down, Chiron continued the conversation, "We still have one more person to join in on the quest."

"Usually, only three campers go on a quest, but the prophecy states the child of healing and plague must go." Annabeth recalled, "That's obviously Apollo."

The Apollo cabin looked nervous and a funny feeling built itself into Kyra's stomach. Then, Will Solace stood up with a sigh, "As the head counselor of the Apollo Cabin, I agree to be one of the members of this quest."

"NO!" A voice boomed around the campfire and a burst of light blinded the other campers.

Kyra felt like she couldn't breathe, as if a hand reached inside her and squeezed her lungs like a balloon and forced all the air out of her body. Around her shined a light that lit up the whole camp. Kids sitting around her moved quickly away to avoid being blinded from her.

After a moment, the light died down and Kyra collapsed onto her knees, someone catching her before her head hit the ground.

"Hail Kyra Pafford, daughter of Apollo, God of light, healing, and archery!" Everyone bowed once again to the unconscious girl and stared in awe. Apollo never claimed anyone in that sort of manner. 

Jason quickly rushed over and picked her up, "We need to get her to the infirmary." He urged Chiron and Annabeth,

"Jason, she's fine. She just needs some rest." The daughter of Athena told him, "Come on, I'll show you where to bring her."

Once the Son of Jupiter set her down on the cot in the infirmary, a few Apollo kids came over to check on her, "She'll wake up in a few hours. A lot of energy was taken from her. She'll be fine though." The blonde haired, blue eyed Apollo child told Jason before leaving them alone.

Jason sighed before grabbing Kyra's camera that Annabeth brought in. He turned it on and took a few moments before figuring out how to look at the pictures. The blonde smiled as he spotted a few of him during the campfire and after he fell into the lake.

It wasn't until the next morning when Kyra started to wake up. She groaned as she got the feeling back in her body. She felt sore, as if she did a triathlon the day before. The blonde opened her sky blue eyes and spotted Jason sitting next to her bed, "Jason? What happened?"

He smiled down at her, "You got claimed..." The smile fell a bit, "And you passed out."

"Oh, great. How embarrassing!" Kyra hissed as she sat up. Then she froze, "Wait... claimed?"

Jason gave her a small nod, "Yeah, right after Piper."

"Who... who's my parent?" She asked nervously, playing with the ends of her blonde hair,


Jason watched as she smiled brightly, excited about being claimed. His own smile faded when he realized he had to tell her about her part on the quest. He cleared his throat, "There's another thing, Kyra."

Her smiled started to dwindle when she saw Jason's facial expression, knowing what he was about to say was serious, "What is it?"

"It's about the prophecy. The last line-"

"And death unleash through Hera's rage shall be contained by the child of healing and plague." Kyra recited, "You think it's about me?"

Jason nodded, "It can't be a coincidence that you were claimed when this line was discussed.  Will was about to volunteer when you were claimed. We think you're supposed to go on this quest."

She looked up at him with her wide, sky blue eyes, "Oh... okay."

"Okay?" His eyebrows furrowed as he looked down at her. He was surprised at how well she was taking this.

Kyra nodded, "Well, I mean, it is a prophecy. I kind of have to go on the quest. When are we leaving?"

"Tomorrow morning." Jason answered,

"Then I should start packing." Kyra began to stand up and immediately felt light headed. Jason wrapped his arm around her,

"Should you be moving?" He asked,

"I'll be fine. Just a little dizzy." She looked up at him with red cheeks, "Could you, um, help me to the Hermes cabin? I should get my stuff out of there."

"Will and a few others already moved your stuff to the Apollo cabin." He informed her,

"Oh, cool. Then can you help me to the Apollo cabin?" Kyra asked,

Jason smirked, "Sure." He turned around and bent down slightly, "Hop on."

With a grunt, Kyra managed to jump on his back and he wrapped his fingers around the bend of her knee to keep her supported. She wrapped her arms around his neck, careful not to choke him.

Jason brought her over to the Apollo cabin. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary cabin, but when hit by sunlight it looks as if it's made of solid gold, and gleamed so much that it was difficult to look at. 

"Welcome home, newbie." Will opened the door and let them inside, where there are bunk beds on either side with a cot in the middle of the cabin for the injured. Rough cedar beams ribbed the ceiling and the white plaster walls are bare except for a few hooks for coats and weapons. It smelled of clean linen and dried sage. The only decorations are some flowerpots on the windowsill, filled with cheerful yellow blooms from the island of Delos and some red and purple hyacinths. 

Jason set her down on a free bed where her bags were. She smiled up at him, "Thank you."

He rubbed the back of his neck nervously, "It's no problem. See you later?" He asked and she nodded, giving him a wave goodbye as he left the cabin,

Kayla giggled from her bunk, "Wow, crushing much?"

"What are you talking about?" Kyra asked, her cheeks turning pink as she began unpacking,

"Um, the way you two were looking at each other, duh!" She sat next to Kyra and laughed, "Talk about some serious sexual tension."

"Sexual tension? I barely even know him." Kyra defended, "Besides, I thought I was in the Apollo cabin, not Aphrodite's."

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