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It's funny how people change a lot in such a short time. You mean a lot for a while and then suddenly you don't even exist for them.

I still hope he never changed, but no. He did. And that was the decision he regretted the most.

"Was there a storm again last night?" I asked Eomma while walking to school. "Aniyo~" she cooed. "Why? Did you wake up?" I lightly nodded, and the rest of the walk till the school building was quiet. Her weeps woke me up that night again.

"Y/N! HERE!" Jimin waved at me with both of his hands as he almost killed me with that eyesmile. "Can I die now?" I mumbled. "Huh?" Mom asked. I shook my head.

"Hey Y/N." He approached us. "Is he your friend?" Mom asked. "Yeah..." he said, rubbing the back of his neck, before I could say anything.

"Okay Mom, bye." I waved at her, then started walking away with him.

We started spending hours together talking about how our lives have been so far, how we have struggled to live. We ate lunch together and he almost shrugged off Sohyun everyday. We made a lot of promises, about being together forever, being with each other for always.

Promises are meant to be broken, isn't it?

One day, he told me that as soon as his parents knew about him being bullied, they changed his school and that I should tell Eomma about being bullied.

But, how could I make Eomma more worried about me than she already was?

I just nodded at that. As soon as we entered our classroom, we found Mr.Jung, our dance teacher standing there, arms folded.

"So children, what I am supposed to tell you is that You all can participate in the couple dance that will take place next week. I hope you all find partners soon." He said as he flashed a smile on everyone and left.

Murmurs filled the room soon. "Couple dance? That is-" "rubbish." I sealed his words, along with his feelings. Of course I never deserved him.

"Yeah, rubbish." He replied.

After school we walked home together, but no one uttered a single word. Finally when we reached home, he flashed a smile at me and then, without waving, he left.

Suddenly, things began to worsen the other day. He paid no attention on me and started talking with Sohyun. Am I being over-possesive? He doesn't have to ignore Sohyun for me. Was what I thought.

I tried waving at me, but maybe he didn't see that. Or was it intentional?

Days passed as he started sitting with Sohyun and spent more time with her. He kinda started ignoring me. I started feeling lonely all over again, but there was nothing I could do.

All this just because I denied dancing with him? He didn't even ask properly.

I was sitting on my chair, as always, doing some work, when someone's slender fingers tapped on my shoulder.

"Hyuna?" I said. "Yeah...umm...Y/N, why don't you go to the dance with Jimin?" "Why does it even matter to you?" I replied coldly. Her sudden concern was completely confusing.

"Not at all does it matter to me," she said, "But maybe it would matter a lot to him. Come on, he lo- likes you and wants to go to the dance with you." "I don't think so." I frowned looking down.

"Yes he does. Maybe I heard it!" I looked up at Hyuna, who had a sparkle of hope in her eyes. But also, how could I forget that once she had lied to me. "I hope you go and meet him." She said as she left me.

I looked up at Jimin, who was giggling with Sohyun. Suddenly he looks up at me, and our eyes meet. I could see something in his eyes. Is it love?

But, why? Why did he act like this when this was all supposed to be a lie? Was he just trying to trick me, like everyone else? Was that love? Or fake love?

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Don't be confused people. Y/N's POV is of a different time and Taehyung's is of another. I hope you all understand. Tell me if anything is desired to be changed.

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