° Prologue

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C H A P T E R 

C H A P T E R  P R O L O G U E

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           IN HOGWARTS, YOU NEED TO KNOW YOUR FELLOW STUDENTS AROUND, THE Ones who you'll probably see every day of the school years. And for the marauders, they were unfortunate on getting to see Jazeon Veller's face all the way to the end of the 7th school year.

The reasons why the Marauders hated Jazeon, was mysterious. Yet, noone bothered to know why. Which was no surprise for Jazeon, who acts dumb, but knows more information Dumbledore is well aware of. And for the record, Dumbledore knew nothing of him. Just that he was an orphan, the end.

The only person who actually gave a open hand for Jazeon was none other than Regulus Black. The two were partners in crime. Regulus's parents were gushing on meeting Jazeon, as they heard clearly, Jazeon was a Slytherin Paraselmouth. Which only Regulus and his family knows of.

Jazeon's life wasn't good in the living outside world, and nor was it in hogwarts, or the Wizarding world. The Slytherins ignores him, calling him filth, as they never really knew of his blood status. It was temporary hell Asylum for him.

Picked on by the marauders for being different, and a slimy snake, as they would like to call it. Normally in a young age, Jazeon remembered every moment of how he used to see his mother smile in the politics of the ministry. Trying on running for new minister.

He also remembered how his father would lecture him on about things, how he would train him in a broom. His father would show him what the cliff mountain looks like. But noone really knew what happened that faithful night Jazeon's parents died. Skeraf and Yuni Veller. Weird names already.

Jazeon was 7 years old that time. Sent to an orphan, seeing as noone in his family existed nor was alive. In that age, Jazeon remembered how the blood drawed out of his mother's stomach, how his father gurgled fresh blood. It ws rather disturbing as his parents were murdered in the most brutal way ever imagined.

But the worst part was, Jazeon was there when it happened, he looked and saw all the happenings. And was helpless to do anything. What was the problem of him trying to beat his monsters that craved for him to do unexpectedly bad things.

In the process during his own fight against the monster living in his head, he actually became one. With the taunts of the awful monster that will always leave nightmares during his sleeps. And will always be the cause of his lifetime missery.

What would his life would have been when the marauders just left him be. But he knew it was nearly impossible, as the marauders would always cast themselves in everyone's life at hogwarts. And that is what exactly happened in Jazeon's life.

Being judged by people, just because of the spreading rumours Sirius black and James Potter had entirely spreaded.

Jazeon hoped for a good life. But knowing that won't even happen. Since he was the magnet of the Monsters, he was afterall, a monster.

What if this time, it won't be about the happy ending, what if it's really about the story?

Well, thats a story for another time. Because this, here we will find out the reasons behind Jazeon's parents death, The marauder's cause of bully, and how and why the monster had lived his life.

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