dieciséis | iluvia

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Translation for Spanish words
used in this chapter —

Iluvia — rain
Tramposa — cheat
Mi tesoro —  my treasure


Jeon Jungkook didn't even have time to think before another tomato launched at him, splatting straight into the locks cascading over his forehead.

With an undignified shriek, he staggered backward, seething in the sudden pain of having a fruit thrown at your face. He felt the sticky hair between his fingers and looked up in irritance.

"Not the hair, hombre!" He exclaimed. "Do you know how long I spent—"

Clearly Taehyung was in no mood to listen to his pitiful dressing up as all the workers exploded into a barbaric chaos, running all over the place to hit each other with the tomatoes.

Jungkook, on instinct, glanced towards Aeri, observing what she's going to do.

Kept his gaze, as she burst into a sprint.

"Wait, where—"

She couldn't hear, for the rush of another chasing her had her running off to find the tomatoes and get back at the crowd.

That's what you should be doing too, cabrón. Get a move on!

Thank Dios his legs obeyed his head, forgetting he had his best attire on before scowering the vineyard to find the fruit.

It wasn't hard, for the mass of red flaring in his eyes caught his attention immediately. Quickly running over, he grabbed a few, keeping one in his hand and stuffing the rest in his pockets.

A mess. Everywhere there was someone throwing the tomatoes, laughter singing out of everyone, as they all ran for their lives.


Jungkook turned around, facing Kim Taehyung not five metres from where he stood, both hands filled with the fruity bomb.

Catching the boy's own weapon, the peasant grinned. "Come on now, don't be shy," he teased.

The boss returned his wide smirk, squeezing the life out of the tomato before declaring to him, "This is for damaging my hair."

And bringing his arm back, he sent the forward, stumbling slightly as he brought down his force upon the throw.

He barely saw the tomato fly threw the air before it was meant to hit Taehyung.

Too bad Jungkook was always horrific at playing ball.

For that damned tomato missed him by a landslide, instead knocking over a poor worker as he himself was about to score a target.

Jungkook's mouth fell open. "Oh shit."

Taehyung burst out laughing, clutching his stomach as he practically wheezed out a lung from how much he was barking out.

The look the former sent him could have butchered anyone. "I'm still getting you for this too, asshole!"

This didn't help calm Taehyung's break down. So Jungkook took the pleasure of taking out his reserves, squeezing them and instantly sent them crashing down on the peasant.

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