Part 31- 2 years time

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Timeskip 2 year's later

Jess' Pov

It's been 2 year's now and we have another kid! Her name is Lillith and she is 2, One year younger from Luna "C'mon Lillith, Luna. You will play with Nekoette there at aunt Nana and uncle Zane" I said "Yay! Nekoette!" They said and got in the car, We decided to use cars since the kid's couldn't fly yet "Sly, We're going to Nana and Zane's house" I said "Coming Jess" Sly said and we drove to their house. When we arrived at Nana and Zane's house we went in and saw them in the kitchen "Hey Nana, Zane" Sly said "Jess!" Zane and Nana said and we hugged each other "Hey little ones" Nana said and hugged Lillith and Luna "Auntie Na!" They said "So Nana, where's Nekoette?" I ask "Nekoette's upstairs with Mira. If you want to eat we have food" Nana said "The girls will just say when they want to eat" Sly said and I brought the girls upstairs and went back down and sat beside Sly "Are you guy's hungry?" Zane asked "We are" Sly said and Nana grabbed food and gave it to us " Thanks Nana" Me and Sly said "No problem Jess, Sly" Nana said and sat back on the couch beside Zane "So aside from you guys coming here so that Lillith and Luna can play with Nekoette, Why did you want to come here?" Zane asked "We just wanted to tell you that there's a new member of the gang" I said "There is?" They asked "Yeah, It's Cadenza" I said "When did she join!?" Zane asked "About a week ago" I said "Cadenza is here?" Nana asked "Yes" I said "You think we can meet her later?" Sly asked "Everyone can meet her tomorrow, She's at her house telling her parents that she's going to stay here" I said "Kay" They said "I'm guessing that the girls are hungry" I said "Luna and Lillith can eat Nekoette's food she is eating, It's in the kitchen Jess" Nana said "Thanks Nana" I said and went to the kitchen and got some food for Luna and Lillith then I went upstair's in Nekoette's room and saw them playing "Hi kids" I said "Auntie Jess/ Mama!" Luna, Lillith and Nekoette said and hugged my legs "Hello Jess" Mira said "Hi Mira" I said and they let go and started to play again then I sat on the floor "Lillith, Luna there's food" I said and they went to me and I gave them food. After they finished eating I went downstair's and washed the plate "Jess, Nana was thinking that maybe we should have a sleepover tomorrow" Nana said "Tomorrow sound's good but there's the kids.." I said "Mira already said it was fine with her to take care of the kids" Nana said "Okay, Then sure. But where?" Sly asked "In Jess' house" Zane said "Okay, We'll be going now, We have dinner back at the house" I said and went upstair's and got Luna and Lillith who fell asleep and so did Nekoette "Bye Nana, Zane" Me and Sly said and we went outside "Here, Let me carry Luna for you" Sly said and carried Luna "Thanks Sly" I said "No problem" Sly said and we walked to Stark tower. When we reached Stark tower we put Luna and Lillith on their bed's and we ate dinner. After we ate dinner we went back in our room and Sly pinned me on the wall "Hey, No rush" Sly said "I know" I said "When was our last time we were alone together? When we went back to when I proposed to you?" Sly asked "Yeah" I said "I'm changing that" Sly said and held my hand and kissed me "You were sleepy awhile ago weren't you?" Sly asked "Yeah" I said and Sly lied down on the bed and I lay down on beside him "Night Jess" Sly said "Good night" I said and I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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