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Have you ever wondered how life would have been if you have done things the other way? Well yes, I often think about it.

How life would have been if I hadn't obeyed her that day.

A sunny day it was. The sun was shining brightly while I walked to school with Eomma. "Y/N-ah, there was a storm last night. Did you wake up?" I shook my head, while looking down and walking on the concrete path.

"Y/N-ah, will I meet your friends today?" She suddenly brought up that topic, which made me flinch a little. "E-Eomma, I think Sohyun will be absent and Hyuna is always late." I stuttered, then nervously laughed.

She just looked at me frowning a bit, but then smiled again. "Okay, goodbye now." She waved at me and that was when I realised that we had already reached the building. "See you later Eomma." I waved back at her as I headed in the building, while she kept looking at me.

The day was going as always, people beside me glaring at me and murmuring about me, talking rumours and a few bullying me. That was what usually happened.

"Oh, look who is here. Y/N-ah! My best friend." Sohyun sarcastically said and stood in front of my table crossing her arms up on her chest. "Yah! What's in your lunch today?" I quietly weeped, looking the other way.

"I have not brought lunch today." I mumbled. "Liar!" She yelled, kicking me and then snatching my backpack away to take out my lunch.

"That ugly lady cooks well." She said again, which made me cry more. Hyuna just stood there, giving me pitiful glances.

After a few minutes, our teacher came in with a boy, who had chubby cheeks and was short in height. Every girl started admiring him at the very first glance, even Sohyun.

 Every girl started admiring him at the very first glance, even Sohyun

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"Children, this is your new classmate, Park Jimin. I hope you all act friendly with him. Jimin, take a seat please." The teacher ended the last sentence turning to him.

He walked with his hands in his pockets and sat beside me. During the whole period, he kept looking at my face. As soon as the teacher left, he turned his body towards me. "Hey! I am Jimin." "Hi. Y/N." Was all that I replied after seeing Sohyun's face.

"You are beautiful." He mumbled. "ME WHAT?" I replied. He quickly looked away.

Have you ever looked back and realised that you were an idiot? Yes, that is what I am doing right now.

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