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Eva's pov

I and my husband got down from the car and I used the key to open the door to Mr McCall's house.

"Holland,Holland darling mommy's here" I searched the house but I couldn't find her.

"Holland, dear" my husband called out too but no sign of her, all the windows are closed the door was locked  before we came in.

She couldn't have gone anywhere, my heart started to beat even faster and I was sweating more.

My husband noticed my state "hey honey calm down" he pressed my shoulders.

Tears were already falling from my eyes, I was told she was alive, I know she didn't die at camp but at the same time, she can't be missing like some teenagers.

"Am gonna call that  bastard and ask him what he did to my daughter" my husband, Lucas yelled already getting furious.

"He's not picking up the fucking line" he yelled and threw his phone on the floor causing the screen to shatter into many pieces.

"Lucas!!" I yelled and got up.

Lucas' pov

"Honey am sorry okay am just really mad right now" I apologized and ran my fingers through my hair.

Eva started Sobbing and fell on her knees.

"Honey, it's okay" I caressed her hair and she placed her head on my chest.

"Am sorry, so sorry, after 4 years I finally gave you a child and now she's gone" she cried even more.

"No no honey, child or no child I still love you I swear" I said, today isn't really my day at all.

"Come on get up honey, go get some water" I helped her up and she went to the kitchen.

Eva's pov

I entered the kitchen to grab some water in the fridge, I opened the fridge and took a bottle of water, I drank and sighed.

I went to the sink to wash my face but as I bent I saw a body, I think it's-it's-it's Holland's

"Lucassssssss!!!!!!!" I screamed

Am in shock right now seeing my daughter's body on the floor, her eyes wide open, her skin pale and her hair soaked like a towel in hot water.

Lucas rushed in "what happened, why did....... holy shit!!!" He exclaimed

"Call an ambulance quickly please" I yelled while shaking Holland's body.

"Come on holland, blink your eyes please, stay with me please am begging you" I cried and placed my head on her chest.

Soon I heard the sound of an ambulance wailing loudly.

Some nurses came in alongside with some few doctors in training, they placed Holland on a long stretcher and took her into the ambulance.

"Honey go with them, I need to go back to the station" Lucas held my hand "stay safe" he said and left.

Holland was put on drip, but she didn't blink, I pushed her, pinched her but she can't feel anything, I saw a red marks on her neck like finger prints.

"Holland" I whispered but no reply, she's just static and this got me thinking,


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