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If you know August Alsina you the realest

A regular day In November 2022

Mary's POV

"August stop! let me go to sleep ." I giggled.

"Babygirl come on just one last kiss ." He whined .

"Aug I already gave you a hundred kisses ."I replied.

"And ? I know you love doing it ." He replied.

I rolled my eyes and closed them so I could try to sleep .

"Baaaaaaaaaaaybehhhhhhhh. Come on." He whined .

I shook my head no so I wouldn't have to open my eyes .

"Just one more please !"he begged .

"Only one that's it ." I gave in .

"Yay!" He jokingly squealed.

I leaned in and kissed his lips but he bit down on my lip making me not able to escape the kiss . I kept kissing him for a few more seconds until he pulled away.

So that's my boyfriend August he's the sweetest boy . He is really silly , but ............he's different in the same way I'm different.

He's been through a lot he's opened up to me and I accepted him the way he is . But I still haven't opened up to him fully all because of fear . The fear of him judging my past scares me but he told me he wouldn't and I know he wouldn't. One day I sat down with him and told him my past . He didn't judge me he embraced me in arms filled with love . He's accepted me how I am and I love him for that . I've completely fallen in love with him . We cry together , we never argue ,most importantly we trust each other and I had said I would never trust again. But hey things change .

"Hey August." I said .

"What's up babygirl." He replied.

I walked up to him while he stood looking out at the view of the city from our room balcony.

I put my head down and messed with my hands . I was anxious to tell him even though I've told him this before.

"I love you ." I lifted my head up and saw him with a soft smile on his face .

"I love you ." He replied . He came close to me and gave me a sweet gentle kiss .

November 24 in New Jersey .

"August hold me ." I said to him breaking down on my  parents tombstone.

He took me in his arms and held me close as I cried . Only he can make my tears go away. Ethan is literally at the bottom of the bin . August actually cares he doesn't fake his emotions he let's it all go . He's all I ever wanted . It's just me and Aug .

He lifted my chin up and wiped away my tears .

"Your mom and pops love you babygirl don't worry I was sent from god to take their place while they are gone ." He said to me .

"Aug your literally my happiness and my extra motivation to stay here on this planet.  Without you who knows what I would be doing with my life ."  I replied.

He gave me a kiss .

"I love you ." He softly smiled .

I blushed from his words .

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