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Eva's pov

I got down from the car and ran into the station, leaving my husband in.

"Am here to see deputy peter" I said,referring to patty by the counter, "is he in?" I asked again.

"Sure ma'am,you can go in" patty replied while smiling.

Am not really in the mood for pleasant Smiles right now, I knocked the door and he told me to enter.

"Ma'am, welcome" he stood up to give me an handshake

"Thank you, I also came here to thank you for taking care of my daughter, she means a lot to me " I appreciated him.

I waited for 4 years before I finally gave birth to Holland. And waiting that long on for her to later die is not cool.

"It's not a problem Madam, you can go check on her now if you want to" he suggested while shrugging his shoulders

"Um okay thank you" I smiled gracefully and he handed me his house key.
You might be thinking I don't know his house, seriously don't think that.

I know his house, remember his daughter and mine are best friends.
I collected the key and got up to take my leave.

"Thanks once again deputy " I said by the door.

"You are most welcome" he smiled and received a call. "Deputy Peter here" he said while receiving the call and I left the office.

I can't believe I once had a crush on him, and he's still as handsome as I remember in college.

Travis's pov
I pushed the door to the coffee shop open and I entered, I scanned the place for daryl and found him sipping on a cup of latte.

"Hey man" I waved my hands and walked to him. I must say he looks pretty good.

"What up man" he replied while smiling, revealing his dimples.

"Cool" I replied and sat down, "so why do you need me here?" I  asked while sipping out of his latte

"You sure know you are gonna pay for that" he arched a brow.

"Nah, you already paid man" I smirked

"Fine you caught me" he cleared his throat "Um I need your help" he said

"Let me guess you saw your sister naked and now she wanna pulverize you." I shrugged.

I am one bad ass hole.

"Man! Uh yuck! Clear negative thoughts" he blurted "no that's not it, I fought with the wolf at camp and I got this" he lifted part of his shirt up and the bandage is getting soaked with blood.

"Woah!!!, man I just lost my appetite, it bit you" I whispered

"What? " He asked confused
Somethings I forget he doesn't have clear memory
Darly had an head injury when he got into a car accident when was a kid.

"The wolf" I whispered

"Yeah and it's healing so slowly" he groaned

"The wolf, were-were he is  eyes red" I asked now looking daryl in the eye.

"Yeah ,pure red man, even Santa's  outfit isn't red like that" he replied sarcastically.

"How do you kno......., never mind, do you know who he his?I asked

"No man if I did I wouldn't ask you " he touched the bandage and groaned in pain.

"You fought with leviathan" I said and crossed my arms

"Levi who now??" He asked

"The strongest and most wicked of all wolves, he's the alpha of his pack, the levitates, you fight him and you have started a war between packs" I explained and ruffled my hair.

"Pack, but I don't have a pack,am a lone wolf" he said in disappointment.

"Then we find one for you" I smirked.

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