"Oh sorry did we keep you waiting?" Liam gasped

 "No I was just waiting for you guys, everyone else left already." I said.

 "Ugh already?" Michael asked

 "Yes, let's go?"

  "Yes let's" Liam said crossing his arm with mine.

 "Ah I'll catch up I have to do something first" Michael said leaving the opposite direction. Leaving me with Liam, I looked up at him. He looked down smiling.

      "Um ok we will be waiting for your return" I yelled out as we walked. Me and Liam started walking towards the beach. I couldn't help but ask Liam about the talk. Complicated enough I blurted out the thought. "If I may ask what was that talk about..." I paused "I mean err" I panicked. What did I just do?

       "Haha its ok" he paused "I'm not going to lie to you he was mad at me for buying you that necklace."

        "What why? And why do Rose and Alex have the same one?, why is this necklace so special?" I asked but then I paused as his face turned sad. "I didn't mean it like..."

      "I know" he exhaled "Im sorry again" I said I looked down in guilt. Idiot why did you say that

     "Its ok it's just that, that necklace your wearing, in our group it means I'm your protector" he smiled and looked down

     "My what?" I asked

       "Well who ever gives that necklace to is there..." he paused  "Like a bodyguard, I gave you that do that means I'm your new protector, I totally forgot about it and well Louis is mad because of that" he said looking down "It's a big thing with the boys we only do this if we really like the person, and your the first one" he looked at me and playfully shrugged my shoulder I blushed alittle bit but then I thought for a moment. My protector? Only to one person who they really like as a friend? or more? It is kinda cute that they have there little bro code, the only code me and my friends have is if I saw him first he is mine, I guess british boys thing of greater ideas, they are following my code to right? None of them havent flirt with me, but then I thought of Harry, but he did. I was to deep in thought I didnt see I was looking right into Liams eyes, he just looked confused I could tell he felt awkward

        "Sorry" I blushed "I'm ok with it, is it kinda like your always going to be there for me likes best friend? right?" I asked just making sure

       "Yes kinda like that" he looked up. "I know it sounds stupid but-"

      "No I don't think it's stupid, its kinda cute, and hey at least I have a new best friend" I smiled

       "Thanks for understanding" he said as he gave me alittle hug "I thought you were going to be like my girlfriend, she broke up with me and just laughed when doing it" He whispered in my ear.

       "What?" I looked at his face, he looked depressed but happy, I couldnt help but hug him tightly

       "Well im not that ignorant stupid foolish girl Liam I'd never do that to you or to anyone else in the world" I whispered into his ear. All of a sudden the necklace started glowing alittle bit.

      "Omg what's happening to it?" I asked looking on how the black crystal glowed blue.

       "It's had enough sunlight, those neklaces also get energy from the sun and glow sometimes" he smiled

       "Aw I'm loving this necklace so much already!" I said I looked up at him as he smiled, I felt my heart pound and my stomah twirl, by second our distance grew smaller and smaller.I close my eyes but wasnt expecting what happened, he planted his lips gently on my forehead

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