"See Me"

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"I came to know about deep web last summer. I did research on internet and and came to know that within deep web there is something called dark web. Now being a 17 year old curious person , i decided to download tor and see what’s the deal with this deep web.

I had read online that never ever maximize your tor browser window , or the bad people of the site your visiting might get your details and stuff…which i honestly found absurd, but i followed the instruction just for the sake of safety.

I did not know what exactly a person should do after opening tor browser, so i googled what to do on deep web.

I got various links which did not look like links at all.

they were all onion links. I found some hidden wiki links and some generic onion links for silk road and other stuff.

I visited various websites and most of them offered change of currencies , some other websites sold weapons and other stuff(all in USA and some other countries). I eventually got bored and decided to end this deep web sh*t. I was about to close the window when i saw a link on right side of the website i was currently on which said “see me”.

Again i was intrigued by the thought that what could be in there , and curiosity took over me and i clicked it.

A blank page opened and after few seconds right in the middle of the screen another link which said “ see me more”.

And i clicked it and i kid you not what i saw . A website by name of “Dead Individuals” opened. It showed photos of various guys and a photo of a person beside them. It mentioned the type of weapon used and showed stats of the killer, how many kills, masters in knife, gun.. and crazy stuff.. and what freaked me out is that after few seconds the webcam light on my laptop turned on and that’s when i just force shut my laptop.

And i restarted my laptop and got rid of tor and completely formatted it.

I have never visited deep web again."

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