Chapter 2: Ghosts and Love Letters

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{ The story takes place right after Coach Ukai agrees to be a temporary coach for Karasuno until the Nekoma practice match }


"Noya-san, I swear I heard it! There was singing ghost at the school's rooftop!" Tanaka yelled, shaking his friend's shoulders vigorously.

"H-how can you be so sure!? Ghosts only appear at night!" He retorted, the color of his face was pale.

"Because the Dean said that the rooftop..." Tanaka gulped before taking in another breath, his eyes looked lifeless, " strictly off limits to students. The damn door is locked shut." The libero was on the verge of fainting, until someone interrupted their conversation.

"Do you guys know a third year by the name Sawamura Daichi?" Ayame asked, tightening her grip a folded piece of paper. The two second years, who are known to be shy around girls, are speechless.

"S-Sure!" They both stammered.

Ohohoho... A confession letter huh? She's really cute too... Nishinoya thought.

Daichi, you're one lucky bastard. Tanaka murmured.

With that said, they made their way through the crowded hallways. They stopped on their tracks in front Class 4, grinning at each other, the second years entered the door and approached their captain.

"Daichi~" Tanaka started.

"A girl is waiting outside for you~" Nishinoya finished. They both pointed at the girl waiting outside the classroom. She seems to show no signs of embarrassment or nervousness. Forcefully, they dragged their captain outside. His classmates began to whistle and congratulate him.

"Nice one, Daichi! I didn't know you're into first years!" A Suga teased, patting him on the back. Daichi's cheeks are tinted with pink when he finally reached Ayame.

"A-ano..." He stuttered, rubbing the back of his head. Ayame immediately bowed and held the paper out to him. Confused, Daichi accepted the letter and unfolded it. Inside, was a clean sketch of squares, with small circles and arrows drawn inside. Little notes were also written on the sides. The words on the top are in bold letters: VOLLEYBALL ATTACK PATTERNS.

"Please defeat Shiratorizawa." She said before leaving.


*After school practice*

Everyone just finished with practice and started tidying up the gym. Kageyama and Hinata started sweeping the gym floors, sprinting with all their might.

"Dumbass Hinata!" Kageyama lighted up the short boy's fuse.

"I'm not gonna lose to you!" The middleblocker retorted, speeding up his sprint. Thanks to them, cleaning the gym was a breeze to the rest of the team.

"So Captain, how'd it go?" The bald wing spiker asked, wiggling his eyebrows. "How's her confession, huh?" Everyone stopped what they were doing, even Kageyama and Hinata put their competition on pause in order to hear his response.

"She wasn't intending to confess. She just handed me this and left." He pulled out the crinkled piece of paper and flattened it out.

"Attack patterns?" Suga asked.

"Lemme see that." Coach Ukai said as he scanned the the paper. His eyes grew wide at the detailed sketches: strategic patterns depicted in a series of squares and circles, arrows drawn neatly and well thought out.


A dark chuckle crept out of Coach Ukai's mouth, making the club members scooch away, frightened. "Who gave you this...?" He asked Daichi, his eyes still focused on the sketches.

"A first year girl."

"A cute first year girl," Tanaka corrected, only to receive a glare from the captain.

"A FIRST YEAR CAME UP WITH THESE?!" Coach shouted in disbelief which startled the team.

"Do you know her name?" Suga questioned. Daichi shook his head. "What does she look like then?"

"Well she's around my height." Nishinoya described, gesturing his right hand above his head.

"She has black hair was down to her back." Tanaka added.

"And she has blue eyes." Daichi stated.

Those features rang a bell in the freckled boy's mind, tapping a finger on his chin thoughtfully. "Could it be... Yamamoto-san?"

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