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"Is it really that easy to access the deep web? I’m surprised that I came across the term just a fortnight ago, and for the first time in my life!!!

What a surprise!

Well, does that mean I’m one hell of a good person, or does that make me a dork? (I hope Quora doesn’t collapse my answer for using this word.)

But leaving jokes apart; I listened to an interview by one of the nation’s leading cyber security experts, and I heard him saying that whatever is illegal, or not available OTC, is actually available over the so-called deep web, or dark web. So, that basically leaves me a person who doesn’t require too much for subsistence, at least not illegal things.

However, I did happen to watch a film named ‘Feed’ or was it ‘Hunger’? No… It was ‘Feed’. It was like the most obscene and disturbing film I ever watched. It was dark fiction at its height, and I can tell you that it was about a website that was marvelously secure, encrypted or whatever… but leaving aside all technical jargon, it was about a man who was into the practice of kidnapping and feeding obese women to the point of fatal extremity, as he posted online videos of the women, drawing wager from sex perverts around the world who derived psychopathic carnal pleasure from watching the morbidly obese women and wagered about the number of days before she died of organ failure due to her weight.

Later on, the director went on to show that this jerk carved out the body fat off his last victims that succumbed and fed the same mixed into extremely calorie-genic feed mixture of raw eggs and butter etc. to his latest captive (of course these women were extremely insecure about their looks and their relationship with their captor was consensual because he always praised them about their beauty in being of grand size)

Necromancy, necrophilia, cannibalism, sexual perversion and on-demand tailor-made obscenity…. everything was there in that film, but it never occurred to me that it was about deep web, that is until I came across the term a fortnight ago!"

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