Fulfilled Wish

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"I saw a big list of all the horrible things on the dark web but I didn’t click on it ( child porn )
But I think the worse was the website of a man who says that he can do ANYTHING for you.
First it looks like a good man, or a hitman. But when he gives some example you really don’t want to know the guy and just hope it’s a scam or something..

“Do you need a slave ? I can give you one, only in african countries”
“Do you need whores ? I can provide multiple drugged women from … that you can chose”
“Do you need to kill someone ? Just name it”
“Do you want to kill someone by yourself ? We can arrange that”
“Do you want a diploma ? A passport ? A gun ? A drug ? …”

Well, I think you understand. But as you can see, there is much more.

I find this horrible because you understand that there is evil somewhere in the world, and you can’t do anything about it."

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