Criminals, Probably.

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"I've been using Tor for a few years. I've had it for a few years, anyway. I usually use it only when I can't find certain ebooks on the normal people internet. So this one time I was fucking around and in the directory listing for useful Dark Web sites, I found an online service site that claimed to deal in killers, weapons, stolen things, and stuff. Needless to say, I was fascinated with it. I've seen regular e-commerce websites and I wondered how similar one that exists mostly for illegal activities would look, amongst other things. :3

So as it loaded, I got a pop up from Tor saying it had prevented the website from using this function and that. Suddenly, my webcam light lit up.

It was the shittiest jumpscare ever. Here I am trying to look at a website which is probably operated by some criminal organisation and, for all I know, they have my face stored away somewhere for reference in the compilation of future kill lists.

I cmd+Q'd the shit out of Tor and kept doing it after it had closed too. This would be in 2014 and I just avoided Tor for the next two years or so until I needed to download Foundation's Edge (I think) which I could not find anywhere else.

Since that incident, I have never again ventured away from a few websites such as the Imperial Library of Trantor and Project Gutenberg. In hindsight, it could have been and probably was something else because Google Chrome and Skype were both open as well, but you always get that ring whenever someone Skypes you and I'm mostly certain my computer was not on mute because I always listen to iTunes while fucking around on the internet or doing anything that doesn't have any audio itself. So I continue to steer clear."

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