LGBT+ Peeps Are On The Dark Web Too

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"When I explored the Dark Web I quickly became bored with the hitman websites and the illegal gun sales websites. I wanted to know if there was something truly interesting on the Dark Web and I wasn’t interested at all in the stuff that the place is littered with.

So I Googled for lists of the top sites to visit.

One of these sites was Bug Chasers. There was no description so I assumed it must have something cool to do with insects.

Was I wrong!

It is about gay men who share their stories of how they actively tried to contract HIV. The idea seems to be that once you have it, you can stop worrying about getting it and you can go about with reckless abandon.

That was the sickest, most depraved stuff that I have ever read.

I never felt the urge to explore the Dark Web again."

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