Chapter 17

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The next few days seems very quiet, I know there is a problem in kells gang but he never tell me anything so I guess its a secret between them.

Kells always leave house everyday until midnight. Sometimes I fall asleep waiting for him. I dont know What's the problem is and its killing me to know.

About Jenny, she's still working in Devil's Club but she's not allow to come to this house again. I am satisfied to know that.

Clara and me surprisingly become good friends even though she's still sleeping around and breaking travis:s heart.

I was sitting in the living room when Travis come sitting with me.

"how are you selene ?" He asked.

"good and you ?"

He nodded. "I am fine. What's bothering you ?" He asked.

I shrugged "the fact that all of the guys in this house have a secret and won't share it with me" I said faking a sad face.

He laughed. "Oh secret ? Really ? Its nothing like that" he answered.

"Then tell me where is Kells then ?"

"He is in los angeles talking to other gang leader there" Travis said.

"Why you dont come with him ?" I asked again suspicious.

"I need to be here to keep you company, selene"

"I want kells back"

"Youre clingy" i glared at him. Travis laughed at me.

"Calma Sel"

Suddenly travis's phone broke our conversation. He quickly answered it but when he listen to whatever people on the phone saying, his face went pale and I could feel tension.

"Please tell me. What happen ?" I asked hopelessly.

Travis looking at me but his mouth didn't say anything. "Travis" I yelled. He ended the call.

Please don't be kells.

I keep chanting in my head. "Its about the club. The club has caught on fire. I gotta...I gotta call Kells" travis said quickly got up and ran outside.

"Selene what happened ?" I didnt realized Clara stood there near living room watching me.

"I don't know, Clara but Travis said the club is caught on fire" I said. Her eyes widened.

"shit! My friends in there" he quickly went to her room, when she comeback i haven't moved inch from the sofa I still dont know what to do.

Clara comeback wearing a navy blue jacket and jeans. "Come on Selene, we need to check other girls and the worker" Clara said.

I nodded and went outside with her. On the outside. Travis having meeting with the guards. All of them listening to whatever Travis said.

"Trav" Clara quickly running to him.

"Clara where are you going ?" He asked then looking at me.

"I am going to check other girls, Trav I can't be here knowing they need me" clara said.

I can see Clara really upset and her voice telling me she's about to cry.

"calm down, boss said nobody leave the house. They are targeting us. Kells will be back in few hours. He's in the flight right now" Travis said.

"You can't do this! I need to see them Trav, please let me leave" Clara begging him.

I never ever see clara like this. "You will not leave ! Tyler and Ace are there to handle everything. They will tell us if anything happen or if we lose the workers" Travis said calm.

"No travis, they're all my friends" clara said begging and now tears falling on her cheeks. Travis quickly hugged her.

"They are my friends too and They'll be okay I promise" he said.

I walked to them, "Clara come on" I said pulled her into me. I lead her to come inside the house again.

She's crying and I quickly put a glass of water in front of her. "Drink the water, you might feel better" I said.

"Why ? Nobody understand. I wanna see my friends, what if they get hurt or worse ... What if the die" she rambling but she drink the water like I told her to.

I sat beside her and hugged her, "we will know it, we just need to wait until kells comeback. Be strong, Clara" I said trying to calm her.


The next two hours finally kells and weston reached home.

I quickly hug him when he opened the door.

"Are you okay ?" I asked softly. He only nodded.

Weston went straight to the kitchen. Travis, Tyler and Ace are waiting on the living room with Clara.

"I'll be here for you, kells" I said squeezed his hand. He nods then kissed my cheek.

We both went to the living room where the guys waiting for us. We sat down with all of them, when weston joined us, kells start to talk...

"Its not an accident, someone did this to send me a message. I will not let him live tomorrow. we need to find who he is and kill him right away. no one mess with me" kells said.

I looked at him, I can tell he's sad and angry by this. Devil's Club is his first club, he can built others club but Devil's club is the first.

"Boss, what about Lenox ? Is he still a threat ?" Travis asked.

Lenox ? Who is it ?

"yes, he is our suspect of this fire" Kells said in anger.

Whoever this lenox is, all I know that he must be done something to make kells angry.

"What about the workers, kells ? Are they okay ?" for the first time Clara spoke up.

"we lost four guards and one stripper, Winnie" kells make eye contact with clara and she broke down in tears. Travis quickly pulled her into hugs.

Now I remember winnie, I met her when I beat jenny in devil's club. It seems like Winnie and clara were friends.

"she is good person.... oh god she don't deserve this" Clara said between her sobs.

"put her to her room" Ace said to Travis who nodded and lead clara to her room.

"Now whats going to happen ?" Tyler asked while smoking.

"Selene, can you get me some beer from kitchen ?" Kells asked me. I know what he's trying to do. He don't want me to listen to his plan.

I nodded quickly and go to the kitchen. I know its not my place to know the problem in the gang, I just hope kells and others will be safe. Today five people passed Away because of fire, we still dont know who set the fire cause as long as I know Devil's Club has good security check.


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