"Burn In Hell"

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"Well honestly, it depends on what scares you and what doesn’t!

I use to surf random links on the dark web looking for weird things, and what I learned from that is real creepy things are well hidden on the dark web. You won’t find them easily if you are a newbie.

Warning ahead! Fellow Quorans, it is good to be curious, but some things are not meant to be found unless you are prepared for them. Some things are better left to the sickos who its meant for.

You DO NOT want to see what is out there. It will desensitize you IMMEDIATELY. You will NEVER be the same person again!

So, here is the thing. If you want to see some real shit, join chats and discussion forums on deep net sites. There are many of them. Here, you can find long-timers on the dark web who may send you links and invites to some “special” sites.

I was on such a forum and I don’t know why, but I casually asked some active user (lets call him ‘Ron’):

“I am new to the dark web, what’s the worst that could happen to me?”

“Umm….YOU COULD DIE ,” he replied
Sounds interesting,” I typed back. After that, he sent me some links and data to login. Something like this:

Still no sign of fear or scarceness, but I was excited for sure

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Still no sign of fear or scarceness, but I was excited for sure. Although I had an idea about those gory things of the dark net like Red Rooms and other types of crap, but I never gathered the courage to actually visit them.

I clicked some of them in different tabs, and as expected, those pages were filled with all kind of photos of people being tortured but still nothing was close enough to kill me as Ron said, except one….that I wasn’t prepared for. I got really terrified just by looking at the bypass page of the actual site.

I logged in with shaky hands, which I still regret. The site finally started to stream a video, which I don’t know whether or not was live. I can’t describe the exact scenario here, but there were some sick people and some kids crying very hard.

My body was frozen and saw that nightmare for like 5–7 minutes before I realized that I am still a human. My mind reacted in a very different way to that video because of the involvement of children. I couldn’t take it. It was my threshold.

Bye bye TOR, bye bye sickos, burn in hell!"

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