Live Torture.. Again.

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"The first time I heard about the dark web, I was in high school. The very idea of a secretive network within the internet seemed very inviting to the 13 year old me. I’ve always had a knack for computer science, so when I first heard about it, it was only logical for me to seek it out. But, that was 10 years ago, and the internet was still very primitive. Resources for self tutoring were also limited, and therefore, no matter how tempting it was for me to discover this trove of hidden treasures, it took me a while to figure out.

I remember the first time I went online on TOR, almost giddy from excitement of exploring the unknown. I navigated to the Hidden Wiki page with its extensive link catalog. I visited some online gun & drug stores and called it a day. Exciting, but nothing out of the ordinary.

But things got messy the next time I opened TOR.

I came upon an anonymous chat site that anyone could use by signing up. The guys there seemed really nice. I told them I was new to the whole TOR thing and they took their time to explain to me the basics and how everything worked around the network.

“Take it easy,” one of them typed back. “So, what are you looking for?”

“I’ve been hearing stories about the dark web, so I came to check out what the deal was, but its all pretty mellow,” I responded. “I guess I was expecting some surprises, but drugs and guns are all that’s here.”

I had given my honest opinion.

“You’re a nice chap. If you like surprises, follow this link,” he then typed, and he signed out.

The link took me to a private forum. Sort of like Reddit, but more basic. The first thread was an extensive discussion on how to make cocaine from locally available substances. It also talked about different other unconventional types of highs like injecting oneself with a mixture of Chloroxylenol (Dettol) and ground sugar. A user reported that the high was so potent, 12 hours later he was still reeling!
Another thread discussed the best ways to have sex with your pets. As gross as it was, the users also posted links to porn sites that had human-animal sex.

I had been looking around for a couple of hours when I came across an innocuous looking link sitting quietly at the comments section, with the subject line NSFW. At this point, I had already seen a woman have sex with a horse, so there wasn’t really much that could surprise me. Or, so I thought.

The link took me to a video feed of a girl sitting in a chair with a countdown clock running at 11 minutes to zero. The girl looked sleepy, possibly drugged, as she looked right at the camera, eyes half open. I had no idea what was going on. The website was minimalist, just a comment bar, and no other frills. I tried typing something but the website told me that I was a guest and to leave a comment I had to sign up and pay about $50.

Five minutes to zero, a man entered the room and started hustling furniture around. The comments section suddenly fired up. There were about 50 other users signed in, and they were all leaving obscene comments. The man came near the monitor, seemed to read something from it, smirked, and went back. It suddenly dawned on me that perhaps this was a live feed. As the countdown clock counted down to zero, Beethoven’s Ode to Joy began to play in the background. The man came back on screen, this time with a Swiss Army knife. The comments section, in the meantime, was bustling with perverse comments.

“Tear her shirt down,” somebody wrote.

And in a moment, I saw the man slash through the girls shirt, making her partially topless.

“Spit down her throat,” someone else wrote.

And the man did it.

Suddenly, the quantum of the incident dawned on me. There was this girl who was being tortured live for the viewing pleasure of a bunch of sick human beings. I almost felt like throwing up.

“Hit her ribs with the bat,” was the next request. I watched in horror as the man pulled out a baseball bat from underneath the table, swinging it for her right chest and toppling her over by sheer force of the hit. The girl howled in pain as the commentators typed in their ‘haha,’ and ‘Loved it, once mores.”

“She’s got a perfect nose. Lets break it,” somebody typed in.

“Hey, what happened to waterboarding her,” typed another.

A chill ran through my spine. Somewhere, there was this girl, locked away in a dungeon, possibly abducted from her family, to be tortured on a live stream and ultimately be killed at the end of the show.

I closed all connections, my hands still trembling, as I proceeded to shut down my PC and take a walk to get some fresh air.

It remains to be one of my most unpleasant memories. I can still hear her scream in my head as I type this sentence. I still have TOR on my computer, but do not use the service anymore. I just figured I was happy without it."

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