Similarities Between Dark Web And Surface Web

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"The most evil are the hurtcore sites. As the name suggests, they are hard-core “hurt” sites, with the vast majority being aimed at the harm of children. And by harm, that means more than “just” sexual abuse - it is deliberate torture, on film, for the pleasure of viewers.

Even most pedophiles are reviled and disgusted by the hurtcore sites. Thankfully the majority of them have been shut down. The worst of the worst were owned by a man named “Lux”. He ran the dark web’s “Pedo Empire”. He has been caught and is in prison, as is the producer of the worst hurtcore films, Peter Scully.

Next on the evil scale is the “regular” child porn sites. There are many, many of these. They include videos, photos and forums where pedophiles exchange advice on how to abuse children and get away with it.

Next in the list is probably the revenge porn sites, where people post videos and photos of their exes as revenge, and animal abuse sites.

After that, the evil decelerates significantly. Despite what people try and tell you, there are NO hitmen, snuff movies, human organ markets, human trafficking markets (* human traffickers use Tor to communicate, but there are no sites where you can go and buy yourself a slave or two), human experiments etc. They are all myths and/or scams designed to separate the gullible from their money.

So next in the list are the markets that sell stolen personal information and financial information, stolen credit cards, hacked Paypal accounts etc.

Of course, other than perhaps the hurtcore, all of the above can also be found on the clear web."

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