My headed pounded as I threw up over and over in the toilet. I had woken up with the most disgusted feeling inside my stomach. I had to jump two feet from my bed to the restroom to make it on time.

The fluid acid burned my throat; giving my mouth a sour taste. I laid my head on the back of the tile wall, hoping I was done puking. I wasn’t sure what had happened or how I got home, but all I could hear was the whispers’ of Alejandro.

I gagged and threw my head inside the toilet, vomiting clear fluids. Someone rubbed my back, soothing me.

“You okay?” I heard Alejandro say in a husky voice.

“Yeah I am perfectly f-“Before I could even finish, I puked again.

Dear Jesus, how much could I puke up? I had hardly eaten yesterday and it seemed like my body was puking a months’ worth of food. Alejandro grabbed a hold of my hair, keeping it out of my way.

After a couple of minutes my stomach settled down; I dropped my behind on the floor relaxing. My headache had gotten worse and my mouth tasted like death. Alejandro rubbed his eyes, gazing at me worriedly.

“What are you doing awake?” I asked him, taking in a deep breathe.

“I was asleep until I heard your puking. I thought you were dying or something,” He teased me.

I chuckled, softly. “I feel like I’m dying. What happened last night?” I questioned him, putting my hands on my stomach.

“You went overboard with the drinks. I can honestly say you let the “wild child” out of you.” He responded, laughing to himself.

I brought my hand up, waving it around. “No, I didn’t. You took me to the second floor and we started dancing and I felt sick, but all you kept doing was whispering things in my ear,” I corrected him.

Alejadnro sighed; he grabbed a cloth from the basket and soaked it. He bend down to my level and began wiping off the vomit that had dripped from the corner of my mouth.

“Yeah I was telling you things but not in your ear. I kept asking you if you were okay and you just seemed out of it. Before I could take you out the dance floor you passed out,” He said, quietly tapping my mouth.

I opened my eyes and his face was right in front of mine. I gulped, backing away slightly. Why was he telling me one thing when I knew he was telling me things in my ear? I heard him say: I like you Juliana…I like you more than you can ever imagine. I was sure I didn’t dream that; or could I have?

My head thud, causing me to winch in pain. God, how could people survive this type of torture? Alejandro shook his head at me.

“You’re suffering your first hangover,” He mocked me, sitting down next to me.

I laughed at myself. So this was a hangover…I hate it. I will never ever drink again; alcohol didn’t even taste that good. I placed my head on his shoulder, just enjoying his company.

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