Niall Long Imagine #1

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xxx Yet again, this imagine was very rushed and last minute, so it's not my best work, but I still like it. I'm going to come back later and rewrite it. Please don't base my writing abilities on this imagine xxx

It is the day before your 19th birthday and your parents had bought you the best birthday present ever. A plane ticket to Mullignar, Ireland. They both knew how your dream man, Niall Horan, lived there and was currently visiting friends and family. "I doubt I will ever even bump into Niall," you complain to your parents.

"But then again," you think to yourself, "Even if I don't meet him, there are still plenty of hot guys with Irish accents, great food, gorgeous sights, and of course the legendary leperchuans with pots of gold at the end of a rainbow." (or so you have heard). You leave your home and your parents drive to the airport.

You hug and kiss your mother and father goodbye, but not before they could overwhelm you with comments along the lines of ,"Use protection!" , "Don't get TOO wasted!" , and, "NO THREESOMES!" As a good bye present, your rents give you two large boxes of "More Pleasure For Her" condoms and pepper spray for "creepers that like peeping." "Mom, Dad, I am not a whore! I won't need all this protection!" you exclaim in frustration.

"Oh pish posh, deary!!" your mother starts in a sing-song voice, "We are just safe s-" you inturrupt your moms rant with a hug and depart in a hurry. "See you in two weeks!" you yell without turning back. After going through all the airport procedures, you were on your plane within a half hour with your carry on bag, which was filled with gossip magazines.

You finish reading your People's magazine for the gazillionth time when your flight finally lands after hours and hours of waiting. Once off the aircraft, you acquire your luggage and go straight to your hotel room. It is 7:00PM and you plan on getting drinks, clubbing, then lastly finding a hot guy to to dance and party with all night at about 8:30PM.

You hop in the shower, curl your hair, apply your new blood red lipstick, lather your lashes in Maybelline mascara and put on mid thigh length red dress with a criss-cross backing. Oooh, and we can't forget your black three inch heels. You grab a silver glitterific hand bag on your way out the door and cram it with $120, Wrigley's watermelon bubble gum and your iPhone 4S. You hail a taxi cab and ask your driver to take you to the hottest club in town.

You prepare yourself for the long wait to get inside the club when you spot the line is out the door. Luckily for you, the cute body guard, who looked a lot like James Yammouni from the Janoskians, let you cut the whole entire line because you were "smoking hot!" Once inside, you direct all your attention to the bar. One beer. Two beer. Three more beers and three tequilas. A glass of whisky. Your surroundings begins to get a bit blurry, due to all the alchol pumping through your veins.

"D-dancing time!" you slur drunkily as you shimmy on over to the dance floor. Then you completely lost control when Ushers "DJ Got Us Falling In Love" pumped out of the stereos and echoed in the building. You begin to rock your body side to side.

"(Yeah man) 

So we back in the club 

Get that bodies rocking from side to side (side to side) 

Thank God the week is done 

I feel like a zombie gone back to life (back to life)"

You throw you hands up in the air. You feel as if you have no control over your body.

"Hands up, suddenly we all got our hands up 

No control of my body"

Next thing you know, you feel a warm pair of hands latch onto your thin waist and spin you around. You are instantly greeted with a stunning pair of blue eyes. You stare deep in the strangers eyes and question, "Do I know you?"

"Ain't I seen you before? 

I think I remember those eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes"

Then it hits you like a brick wall. It was Niall. The boy you fell in love with when you first heard him sing on the X-Factor. You are too slammed to realize what is going on but who the hell cares? You can't remember a goddamn thing as you grogilly wake up in an unknown bed.

The soft sheets are lime green with a pattern black stripes. Before you can finish observing your surroundings, the bedroom door flies open and in comes a blue-eyed boy with gorgeous blonde hair. The same young man you had partied with jumps on the bed with a bottle of water and a few advils. "Take this." he commands.

You obey his instructions as he grins widely and yells, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, (Y/N!)" You smile in approval, "How did you know?" Niall blushes and stutters, "Y-you told me when we um...when we..." You look into his eyes and say seriously, "I'm not sure what exactly happened last night. But I just wanted to say," you clear your throat, preparing for a long rant, but he gets you to stop talking by pecking you on the lips. "T-that was a really nice way to s-shut me up," you say neverously.

"(Y/N), we did a lot of things last night... That I'm not gonna go into detail about," he adds a cheeky grin, "but we talked earlier... I know you won't remember it, but I said I think you might be a good fit for me... The one I have been searching for because... because its.." he trails off and bursts into song, singing "Gotta Be You".

You don't even think about your actions as you tackle him, pin him to the bed and lean close to Niall's face so your noses are just brushing. You quietly whisper, "Do you really mean it?"

"I really do. I want to try out a relationship." Niall leans up a bit so he's able to kiss you.

You don't respond at first, but then you kiss back and slyly slip in a bit of tongue. Your tongues swirl together and you feel the sparks between you two. And there you have it. That's the story of how you met your husband, Niall James Horan.

xxx Fans, votes and comments are much appreciated! ~Roxie xxx

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