Good Morning, Beatiful

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"Wake up, Beautiful~!" A breath-taking voice sung from above my once sleeping form.

Slowly, I opened up my eyes to be eyed by a dark brown pair. A soft smile came across his face. I stared up at the man that I love.

"How did you sleep, (Y/N)?"

"Amazing now that I got to wake up to you. How about you, Love?"

"With you by my side? I slept like a kitten.": He chuckled, kissing my nose, lightly.

I giggled at the action. After the cute kiss, we just sat (for him)/laid (for me) in silence, just staring up/down at each other.

"Have I ever told you how much I love you?"

"Every single day, every single moment.": I smiled, sitting up some.

He leaned up so he was hovering above me, still. He scooted closer to my form, putting his hands on my hips, gently.

"I love you, (L/N)."

"I love you a lot more Leo. Only you.": I promised him.

Gradually, we both started to lean towards one another. We stopped leaning once we felt our warm lips mold together. We moved in sync as the sun grew from below the moon. Grabbing the back of my neck, he deepened the kiss. After a moment, we took a break from each other.

"Time to get up, my love.": He relaxed, letting go of my neck, sadly.

I ignored his words, just stared at him as I relaxed against the bedpost. His face glowed like an angel against the sun behind him. The darkness in his brown orbs made them seem more golden.

"Don't ignore me, love."

I gave him a half-hearted laugh before obeying him, "Go so I can get ready."

"Awe, I can't watch?": He joked.

I threw his pillow at his handsome face, "Get out, Perv!"

He chuckled once more before he rose from his spot.

"As you wish, my queen."

He walked out of the room, going to the living room. I laid the pillow back on the opposite side from me. I peeled the covers off of my lap, then, got up from the warm spot on the squishy bed. I walked towards the dresser, replaying the past in my mind with him. I grabbed a black lacy bra from the top dresser, black leggings on the very bottom, and a long sleeve, black shirt from the second to the top.

I walked back over to the bed, dropping the clothes on the messy bed. I took off the night shirt to replace with the bra and shirt. I wiggled into the leggings, finally going back to the closet to grab my black combat boots. When I was fully done with clothes, I combed my hair out and brushed my teeth. 

I walked out of the bedroom/bathroom to see Leo on the couch with his head leaned back. He looked so cute sleeping.

"You have a weird, but interesting style. You aren't like most of the Dauntless chicks here. Aren't you scared it'll get ripped during training?" He asked me, leaning up from his short nap, "Today, we are suppose to be psychically training them."

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