"Down to brass tacks. Forneas." Trix clicked his fingers to stir Forneas into action.

The animachine rummaged around the insides of the night table drawer and returned with a big box that he placed before me.  He opened the box to reveal clothes. I gawked at the pile.

"Dumping your laundry on me?" I looked to Trix.

"Call it a welcome gift," Trix declared. "Who knows how long that tunic you're wearing will last before it drops off. Although I wouldn't find it a displeasure, to see you running around in your birthday suit."

I cringed at his tacky words and gingerly touched the cloth.

The white butterfly collar blouse felt smooth and fluid. The gentleman's navy-blue vest was unexpectedly light even with the middle row of pure brass buttons joining the flaps together.

I unboxed a pair of crease-free tanned cotton pants, suspenders, a dark double-belt pouch, grey flat cap and open finger gloves.

The red bow tie next to the cap had intrigued me the most. I had only seen great scholars wear these in Bulldog's newspaper books.

"I'm sure I'll be smarter if I wore this," I blurted with glee, holding out the bow tie before me.

"Unlikely," Forneas flatly answered.

"Mean!" I pouted, figuring out on how I should dress in the outfit.

"How long you're going to sit there?" Trix suggestively smirked. "Hurry up and undress."

An unpleasant vibe ran down my spine.

Small Cap scrambled up my arm to stand guard on my shoulder.

"Not worry Freend. I bite big two-leg's face if he causes trouble."  He reassured me.

I peered at Trix's face, wondering what he was thinking. 

He was, as Death would describe such a man, handsome. His unseemly behaviour was a major turn off.  Who the hell kisses a stranger upon first sight?

"You're not implying I undress before you?" I frowned.

"Embarrassed? No need to be, we're both men." His form of reassurance achieved the opposite result.

"I think not!" I nervously snapped. 

My heart thumped wildly against my chest when Trix approached the box of clothes.

The potent scent of vanilla and citrus from his body made me feel off balanced.

He pulled out the shirt and laid it against my back. I was too petrified to move away.

Small Cap raised his legs and swiped at the pervert's face. 

I yelped when his small body flew across the room from the back-hand hit Trix had given in retaliation.  He landed to the ground unconscious.

"Small Cap! You bastard!" I spat at Trix. 

It didn't faze him. He held my arms down and pulled me to his body.

"Now that the critter is dealt with, I'll help you undress." His hot breath heated the back of my ears.

My cheeks became flushed by his presence.

"Please stop." I whimpered.

Obscured images flooded my mind. I felt my will was slipping away.

"Master Trix!" Forneas knocked Trix off me.

My senses recovered along with the will to move. I shuffled away from the man who was shaking his head out of a daze.

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