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o7.| AIR VENT.

HER BROKEN SIGHS CRASHED OFF OF THE WALLS AS THEY INJECTED THE SIXTH DOSE OF THE DRUG INTO HER BLOOD. Hours had passed and they weren't done with her quite yet, and it didn't feel as if they were ever going to be done with her. Her hair stuck to her temples as she sweated through the process, and she swore she could hear the maniacal laughter of the head doctor.

For a short period of time, Hestia was abandoned in the room, still bound to the chair as her head was ducked down. Her breathing was heavy as she sat there, unknowing of when they were going to return to the lab and continue their punishments on her. But as she was sitting there, she could hear the sound of scratching against the glass.

Hestia lifted her chin, a groan leaving her lips as she did, staring at the door to the room. On the other side of the door stood Atkin, his eyes staring in at her. The man was quick to look over his shoulder, before slipping into the room. The young girl didn't know what to say as Atkin removed the bonds around her wrist and pulled her out of the chair.

Her lips parted as she attempted to say something to him, but Atkin hushed her as he carried her out of the room. He was careful and quiet as the two of them began to creep through the various corridors until he slipped into a dark room. Atkin approached one of the back doors and entered another room, placing Hestia down on the bed carefully.

The young girl glanced over her shoulder and watched as Atkin switched on the lights to the small apartment and he gave her a small smile. She didn't know what he was planning on doing, and she didn't know why he had broken her out of the room. The facility they were in would've had the best security that they could get, but as he approached her, Hestia couldn't do anything but wince in pain.

"You're alright, Hestia," Atkin assured her as he walked into the bedroom, shutting the door behind him. Hestia glanced between Atkin and the door, before inhaling deeply. "And before you question everything that I just did, I dismantled the security systems; they only see static. I had a small window to get you in and out of that room, and by the time the cameras go back online, they'll see you're gone."

"So, you screwed us both over because they're going to rip this place apart to look for me," Hestia snapped at him as she attempted to push herself into a sitting position. Atkin let out a low chuckle as he sat there, shaking his head. "And what about the crap I had in my cell? What if they go look in my room for something and find it?"

"They won't," Atkin answered her as he stood up, approaching a desk in the corner of the bedroom. She watched as he pulled open a drawer, pulling out her pens and notebook, before slipping it back inside. "Before I grabbed you, I cleared your room out of anything they would find suspicious. You're all in the clear, and so am I," Hestia quirked up an eyebrow as she eyed him. "as far as they know, I left the facility to go visit my sister, who had just given birth to her second child. Which isn't a lie, I was there for an hour or so before I came to grab you."

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