morning time :)

Luke's POV

I am so tired but I can't go back to sleep, it's too sunny. I got up to close the curtains and layed back down, but it was too hard to get comfortables so I just got up. I walked downstairs to see Mia making breakfast. I guess nobody else is awake because other than the noise she's making in the kitchen, it's silent. Then I remembered that i forgot to tell her that I like her yesterday. How does someone forget something like that? Nice going Luke. I decided i'd mess with her a little and take her bowl of pancake batter while she's not looking.

"What the-. It was right there." Mia said when she realized the bowl was missing. She turned around and I put the bowl back.

"Oh, there it is. I thought I was losing it." She said. "BOO!!!" I yelled from behind her.

"Holy Crap! Luke you jerk, never do that again." MIa said and punched my arm.

"No promises." I said with a major smirk on my face. "Here let me help." I said. I took the spatula from her and flipped the pancake. "I never knew you could cook." she said. "Me either, I don't know how I did that." i said and we both laughed.

"PANCAKES!!!" Calum yelled running into the kitchen. The other two boys ran in behind him when they heard 'pancakes'.

Mia's POV

After breakfast Ashton and I cleaned up the dishes and bowls. When we were done I went upstairs and my phone started ringing.

"Hello?" i said into the phone.

"Hey Mia." Josh said. 

"Oh, hey what's up?" I asked. I really can't wait for our date. Josh is really nice and funny, I mean I know we only met yesterday, but he's really nice.

"I was just wondering if we could move our date to tonight, same time. The restaurant is all full for Saturday, but they have an opening for tonight." He said.

"Um, sure. I don't think i have anything to do tonight." I said. "Great, I'll see you tonight babe." oh my god he called me babe! "Uh, okay bye." I said and hung up, I can't believe he called me babe. I just hope this relationship doesn't end with me getting cheated on, cause that would be like the sixth time that's happened. I guess I just don't know how to pick em, but I don't think Josh would do that. He seems too nice to ever do something like that.

Then i heard a knock on my door.

"Come in." I yelled. In walked Calum and Michael. I was kinda hoping for Luke, I need to stop thinking about him!

"Hey Mia, me and Cal are gonna go to the mall and plan some party stuff, you wanna come?" Mikey asked.

"Sure, just let me take a shower first, then Mia the party planner is at you service." I said and stood up off my bed.

"Alright, we'll be downstairs." Cal said and both of the boys walked out.

I took a hot shower with the usual citrus shampoo and coconut body wash. I don't know why I like those scents together, I just do. Then I dried off and put on my underwear and a black high wasted skirt. I put on my white Blink 182 shirt with black writing and tucked it in to my skirt. I couldn't decide between black or white vans, but i went with white. As for my hair and makeup, I straightened my hair and left it down, it was rather cool outside for California. I applied some foundation, mascara, a thin line of eyeliner, and my favorite watermelon lip gloss. I grabbed my purse and put all my stuff in.

I skipped downstairs and when Mikey and Cal saw me, their jaws dropped. Did I really look that good?

"You'll catch flies." I said laughing and pushed their jaws back up. "Let's go." I said walking out the door.


I was driving back to the house and realized that we were out a long time and I have a date tonight.

"Can one of you check what time it is on my phone?" I asked. I hope it's not 8 yet.

"Um, 8:05, why?" Calum said. Crap I'm late! Crap crap crap!

"Crap! I'm late!" I said and mentally facepalmed when i remembered that the boys didn't know about my date. I wanted it to stay that way.

Luke's POV

Mia, Cal, and Mikey have been gone a long time. What were they up to? I'll figure it out sooner or later. Right now Ash and I are eating ice cream and watching some movie. I am so bored and I just want to talk to Mia. I never got to tell her yet, I'll do it when she gets back. Then there was a knock at the front door. Who could that be? I opened the door to find some guy.

"Can i help you?" I asked polietly like always.

"Um yeah, is Mia here? And who are you." he asked. What did he want with Mia? Am i too late?

"I'm Luke, this is my house. Mia lives here with me and my bandmates and no she isn't home right now. Who are you?" Why I am always so polite?

"I'm Josh. Mia and I had a date tonight." Josh said. He seemed a bit upset that she wasn't here. But wait, who even is this guy? Where did he come from? Is this who called Mia yesterday? I just slammed the door in Josh's face and went back to the living room.

Calum's POV

I'm not sure why Mia keeps saying 'I'm late' but it seems important. I just remembered that her birthday is the day after Luke's, but she already knows about this party so the guys and I will just have to find something else to do for her.

We pulled into the driveway and some dude was sitting on the porch. Who was this dude?

Mia's POV

Josh and I ended up calling off the date since we were late for our reservations. We agreed on meeting up at the party which I guess will be our first official date, but he did ask me to be his girlfriend and I accepted. We said our goodbyes and he kissed my cheek and left.

"I didn't know you had a date tonight, we would've hurried we knew." Calum said with a sorry look in his eyes. "Cal it's fine but he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes!" I said kinda loud and excitedly. "That's great!" Cal said. He really is like my best friend. 

But what about Luke? What is he gonna think?


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