Chapter 11

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Dedicated to xoxoQui because she's a great writer who was having a bit of a rough start today, and she deserves to be complimented for her different spins on werewolf stories, not criticized.



Squaring my shoulders and taking a big breath, I entered my house. I took a minute to look around and collect myself, and a minute is all I had as a slim figure so similar to my own came barreling into me.

“Oh my baby, I’m so happy for you!” my mother gushed as she practically squeezed the life out of me. “I just knew you would find your mate in our family’s pack. This is so exciting, he is a good catch, and a Beta no less. It’ll make his transition to Alpha that much easier once you are mated.”

She was rambling a mile a minute and sending my heart into a panic. I had just allowed myself to accept that he was my mate, I was no where near ready to mate with him. This was too much too fast, “Mom, slow down…”

She continued on, too excited and happy, “He comes from a good family, very solid and loyal to your uncle and grandfather before him…”

“Please, mom…”

“I have heard stories of his strength and agility in combat training.” she pointed out, with a hand in mine, leading me to the dining room, and pulling me into a seat at the table.

“Mom, I need you to stop for a minute.” I tried yet again to reach her.

“Stop, no honey, this is so exciting! I want to hear all about how you met, I’ve only heard bits and pieces from some of my friends who’s children gave them a call as soon as the incident at lunch happened. At first I was upset that you didn’t call me yourself, but I’m sure it was all new and overwhelming for you, so I understand. I can’t believe you’ve known for a week and never said anything…”

That was it, my nerves were rattled by all of this. The fact that my mother found out through the parent tree, before I had a chance to tell her myself was unsettling. “MOM,PLEASE!” I shouted, effectively halting her rant.

Her face filled with worry and a little hurt at my tone, “I’m sorry I shouted, but you weren’t hearing me and I needed you to stop for a minute and let me explain.”

The shock of my outburst held her silent, but she nodded for me to go ahead. “Yes, I found my mate the night of the mixer,” she smiled at me, “but I didn’t want to.” the smile vanished.

“What do you mean, you didn’t want to?” she asked quietly.

“Truth is, mom, I never wanted to find my mate.”

She gasped, her hand covering her mouth, “Why not?”

She was staring at me with such bafflement, I would’ve found it amusing, if it hadn’t been so sad. “Ever since you and dad told me the truth of your past, I knew that was something I never wanted to go through. I didn’t want to give my heart to someone, that might end up breaking it the way dad did yours.”

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