Chapter 21 - 09:40 Los Angeles, USA

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Chapter 21
Date: April 12th 2018
Time: 09:40am
Location: Liam's mansion

Here is part 4 of the character Q&A.
Hope you enjoy😇

From yasminahhhhh
Q: I'm at KFC, what do you want?

A: KFC?! No no no! NANDOS!! I WANT NANDOS!!! wait I want a whole bucket of chicken please....just chicken nothing else! I'm so fucking hungry!!!....wait actually I'll end up having morning sickness and-FUCK IT! GET ME THE WHOLE CHICKEN BUCKET!!!....please.

From peterinneverland
Q: Do you think you'll ever see Zayn again?

A: I don't know to be honest. That's a tough question for me. I really want to see him again. I can't stand being away from him another second but that's all fates job I guess. I must be patient.

From paulshair
Q: Are you happy for Zayn now?

A: Yeah, I mean he's gonna have it tough being a single dad without Liam. It's really hard for an omega to raise a child alone, they need an alpha but I mean he seems pretty tough so who knows he may be alright. Thanks for that question.

If you guys have any other questions for the characters please don't hesitate to ask here. Next chapter there will be more 😝

⚠️ Warning explicit content ⚠️

A soft big manly hand caressed the beta's dark colored strands awaking her in one swift touch.

"Morning beautiful." Said the alpha who laid at her side.

Cheryl opened her eyes to the handsome face of the man laying beside her. "Morning Gerald." She hummed tiredly in return.

"How did you sleep?" Gerald questioned his voice low and soft already driving the beta sexually mad.

"Well, since you visited last night and had some fun with me..I think I slept quite alright." Cheryl chuckled with a smirk.

Her husband's adviser giggled along, rolling his eyes. "Yeah. Too bad we have to keep this here in this shitty room."

"Hey." She put her hand over the alpha's lips "Soon we'll get to take this into my room which will be ours by then." Her chuckle turned into an evil one.

Gerald nodded, a pleased look forming on his face. "And by that time I'll be the head alpha."

"Oh yeah." Cheryl pecked his lips softly holding his chin for a split second. "It will be us both only."


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