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Me and Wynter walked through the cafeteria doors hand in hand, enjoying each others company. Her hand was soooo warm. Especially since the warm weather decided to freeze. I shivered and cuddled int Wynter's side. "You cold babe?" I nod in her shoulder. She's so warm... wait she called me babe. I blushed. She hasn't called me that before. Like I know we're together and stuff but no pet names. "What you thinking about?" She asks, her hand caressing my sides.

"You called me, babe." I look up at her, my head still slightly buried in her side. Wynter gives me hee signature smirk and pecks my lips.

"Well babe class is starting. Come on, I'll drop you off at art." I smile, a tinge of blush on my cheeks.

"Okay." I wrap my arms tightly around her and kiss her shoulder before pouting. "I wish you were in my class. It's boring without you." She laughs softly and pecks my forehead.

"I'm sure it isn't that bad." I giggle and open the door. "See ya cutie. I'll pick you up for gym." I nod and smile, kissing her cheek before walking inside the warm classroom. Sadly, non of my friends were in the same class as me so I'll have to suffer by myself.

It's weird though. Ever since Victoria made the scene in the cafeteria, she hasn't spoken to me or Wynter. Maybe she's realised that Wynter is my girlfriend and that she is happy. I don't know anymore. I haven't even seen Ruby. Hopefully this means all good and nothing bad will just randomly pop out of nowhere.

Sighing I faced out the window and half listen to the teacher drone on about the theory of art. So fun...

*few hours later* (cause you know I'm lazy)

"Hey babe." I beam and skip over to the white haired girl and engulf her in a koala hug. "Someone must of missed me."

"Yes! I know we just saw each other when you took me to my classes but I still missed you." I pout. She chuckles and wraps her arm around my waist walking to the cafeteria.

"You hungry?" I didn't get to reply because my stomach did all the work for me. Blushing like crazy I held my stomach and pouted at the laughing girl in front of me. I pout even more and Wynter kisses my lips. "Sorry baby. Come on, let's go feed this hungry monster that lives in your stomach." Now I like the sound of that. I nod my head and take her hand dragging her to the cafeteria, excited to eat some yummy food.

"Lets go!"

"Your cute when your hungry." I try to ignore the blush on my cheeks and line up. Hmm what should I eat today. Fries? Salad? I'll go with the fries and maybe a orange juice... wait! I see cucumber sandwiches. Oh yum! Okay I'm gonna get That!

Wynter looks at me with a smile. "What?" She shrugs.

"Nothing." I giggle and and ask for two cucumber sandwiches and a chocolate chip cookie. Oh and don't forget the orange juice. "Did I say you are adorable?" Wynter asks as we walk to an empty table.

"Yes. Like 100 million times." She chuckles and pulls out a chair for me.

"Ladies first." I giggle and sit down and watch as she sits down beside me. "Lets eat baby. Before you starve yourself." I blush and open my sandwich.

"I won't." I mumble in my sandwich blushing.

Hey guys! Thanks for patiently waiting your all amazing. So this chap was just pretty chill. I'm still pretty busy but I've been making time even for a little bit to update. Anyways, thanks again and I hope this chap wasn't so bad :)

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