Chapter 35- Daniel's POV

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This chapter is dedicated to @StrangerSight :)

Chapter 35- Daniel's POV

I watch Nora walk away from me, this sick, heavy feeling in my stomach becoming more and more noticeable by the minute. I wanted her to change her mind and coming running back to me, or at least walk a little slower so then I would know she really just wanted me to catch up to her. I had never had this feeling before; it made me want to run after her and pull her into my arms and never let her go. I wanted to kiss her lips and whisper in her ear over and over again:

Stay Nora, stay, Nora, Nora, Nora, baby, please stay.

But I didn't have the right to call her baby nor did I have the right to touch her if she didn't want me to. Why didn't she want me to? Was she afraid that I was going to hurt her like Evan did? Evan. That fucking bastard. I almost clench my fists just thinking about him and I have to lean against the fence separating the tennis courts from the side walk just to take a breather.

I stand there with my left foot against the fence for a moment, in deep thought, when suddenly, I spot Darien Clark walking to his car a few yards away from me. A little light bulb seems to go off in my head and I automatically take my foot off the fence and make my way over to him. He's wiping his face with a towel and it looks like he just got back from a run or some sort of sports practice. He takes off his grey University of Kentucky T-shirt and swings it around and around his finger, when he notices me walking towards him. He puts his dark hand over his forehead and squints at me.

"Yo Darien," I say to him in greeting once I'm standing outside of his car.

"Sup?" He replies, looking as confused as ever. Damn, I get it that he doesn't know me that well but that didn't mean he had to treat me like I was some fucking outsider. It was just another reminder of how much I didn't fit in at this shitty school.

"Hey, I have a question for you," I say.

"Yeah?" Darien nods, opening the back door of his car and throwing his T-shirt onto the backseat before slamming the door closed again.

"You and Evan Rogers are tight, yeah?" I ask him casually.

There's a slight pause and Darien licks his lower lip before nodding again. "Yeah, I guess we are."

"That's what I thought. You seen Evan around lately? I wanted to talk to him about something," I continue, ignoring the slightly skeptical look on Darien's face.

"Uh yeah, last time I saw him he was at his locker. It's on the second floor, he should still be there I think," he tells me. "You know, if you want to talk to him," he adds quickly.

"Ok sweet thanks man," I say, giving him a little appreciative smile. I like to call it my "I secretly hate you but I have to kiss your ass in order to get what I want" grin. Darien beams back at me. Works every time.

"See ya!" Darien calls out behind me as I start to walk away. "Daniel, right?" He inquires.

"Yep, you got it." I salute him before turning back around and heading towards the school's front entrance.

As I enter into the main hallway, I feel like one of those psycho ass school shooters with his AK47 in one hand and an evil grin on his face. And I truly was on a mission---to find Evan Rogers and teach him a lesson. At that moment I didn't even mind the thought of killing him myself. Of course that would take a lot more planning and I would have to find a way to lure him to a more secluded area and then I could kill him. I didn't want to have to spend a lifetime in prison though all for an asshole like him so it wasn't something I was seriously thinking about. He definitely wasn't worth the crime and besides I wasn't a murderer anyway for Christ's sake.

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