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This was it, this was the day. Clarke woke up from a beautiful dream she had with Lexa, checked her father’s watch and saw that it was afternoon and that she slept through the morning so she quickly put on her boots and jacket and walked out to see everyone working about and Raven finishing to get the radio outside so everyone could watch the transmission from the Ark. She went inside the drop ship to check on the guns and to think about her plans. If everything went correctly, this was the day she would meet Anya for the first time and to be honest, she was more than a little nervous.

Not only because the woman was scary and packed a mean right hook but because the last time she saw her, they were shot by the guards and Anya died before she could get back to Lexa like they planned and Clarke knew she would never let the woman she loves loses her mentor and friend again. Anya was going to survive even if Clarke had to kidnap her to do it. She knew later on how much Anya had meant to Lexa and how much her loss affected the brunette and she didn’t want her to go through that again so this time things would be different on that front, she would make sure of it.

She overhead Jaha’s speech sounding on camp, she sighed, it was a pretty speech but an empty one and walked outside just in time to see Finn standing there looking at the people watching the man on screen, frowning. “Woke up on the wrong side of bed? Why the frown?” She asked Finn smirking and he sighed. “Unity Day is a lie. The Ark only came together after the thirteenth station was blown out of the Sky. Just not the version of history we like to tell each other at parties.” He said too her and she froze for a second at the mention of Polaris and Becca’s station and what happened to it.

Who would have thought that the 13th station would hold so many secrets from them even after being destroyed? She certainly didn’t and certainly not the secrets she found out. The grounders and the Arkers were tied together by their shared history more than they could ever know, which made her wonder what would happen if both people knew about it? What would they reaction be? Would they still try to kill each other or would they reach an understanding? What was she thinking? Of course, they would still hate each other. She chuckled on that but she sucked it back up and looked back at Finn.

“The Unity Day story may not be pretty and might actually sick but in the end, it gives people hope and peace came out of that violence.” She said and he turned to her and said lowly. “Yeah but did there have to be violence at all?” he asked and she knew he wasn’t talking about Polaris anymore but rather the grounders and the guns. “Finn, I’m not discussing the guns with you again. I made a choice and I am sticking to it. End of story.” She said to him and he sighed. “But Clarke…” he was saying but luckily she was saved from that conversation by Jasper who interrupted. “Yeah! Monty strikes again! Hey! Call this batch Unity Juice. Who’s thirsty?” he came out with a huge container filled with moonshine and Clarke walked towards it, not with the intention of drinking, of course.

Then, everyone started crowding around Jasper and asking for some of the drink with their cups being filled, one after one. Even the guards left their posts for it too and she let that go only because of what she knew would happen thanks to that and it was as she predicted, Octavia escaping and Finn watching her and Clarke knew what that would lead to so she stayed quiet and turned back to the screen to watch whatever bullshit Jaha was saying and noticed Finn doing the same. “To our sons and daughters on Earth listening to this message, we will see you soon.” He said to them.

Back at the Ark, Jaha spoke being watched by everyone else. “The first Exodus ship will launch in under sixty-hours carrying the reinforcements that you need so stay strong. Help is on the way.” He said to them and Jake and Abby watched him as did Kane though he wasn’t paying attention since he was looking for Diana waiting for her to show up so he could start his plan and she didn’t disappoint when he saw her approach Callie and he tensed. He knew exactly what she was thinking she accomplished but he was ten steps ahead of her.

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