Some idiots just make it easy

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Clarke and Bellamy were walking through the woods and she could feel and hear Dax’s presence behind them, of course she didn’t before but with her senses more alert and trained, she could hear his steps despite the noise Bellamy made which was something that could come in handy. “So you really think you can get him to be lenient? Come on, Clarke. I shot the man. He is not just going to forgive and forget.” He said and she sighed. “Yes because it’s not about that. Bellamy, you’re what 21?” she asked and he was confused by the question.
“I’m 23.” He said and she nodded. “You’re the oldest one between us and you still haven’t learned that when we make mistakes, we own up to them and their consequences and try to be better next time, it’s what it means to be a good person and a responsible adult. You’re not a little kid anymore who gets to blame the world for what happens to him. You’re in control of your life and what you do with it. That means avoiding Jaha is the coward thing to do and don’t you think I am going to be here to pat your head because I’m not, neither will anyone else.” She said as they came closer to where the depot was.

“We screw it, we apologize for it, we deal with it and we learn from it. That is what it means to be a grown up and you only have the first one down and are failing miserably at the rest and that, that is not okay, buddy.” She said as she pushed forward. “What are you? A cliché walking book?” he said to her and she turned to him making him stop to look at her. “No but I used to be you until I realized that I was wrong and changed and if I did so can you and talking to Jaha when we get back is the first step in the right direction.” She said and resumed walking.

“Be grateful I am still giving you a choice.” She said to him. “We should split up and cover more ground.” He said to her but she shook her head as she felt herself stepping on the door and clearing it up to see the handles. “Won’t need it. Here, I think I found it. Help me, I think is rusted shut.” She said to him and he nodded, grabbing his axe. “Watch your foot.” He said to her and hit the handle a couple of times and when they pulled, it was opened. She walked down first and he was right behind her as she searched for a flashlight she put on her bag among other things.

“Here.” She said handing it one to him and grabbed another for herself. “Think this place hasn’t been touched by the war?” he asked her as they looked around a little and she sighed. “A girl can dream.” She said to him and started moving through the place and once again they saw the skeleton. “Hell of a place to die.” Bellamy said and she nodded. “You come and live down here, Jaha. This place is disgusting, for real.” She said to herself as they continued moving forward to where she knew they would find the guns.

“Anything left here is ruined.” Bellamy said to her and she nodded. “They must have distributed most of the supplies before the last bombs went off.” She said as they split up and started searching. Bellamy found some light sticks and she found the blankets again. “I found blankets.” She said to him and he grunted. “Excited about a couple of blankets?” he said grumpily and she looked at him. “You complain about it when your ass is freezing and you found yourself warm thanks to them, okay McGrumpy?” she said as he chuckled at her moved forward.

“How about other things we need like a canteen or a med kit or a decent freaking tent? We are making do with scraps, Clarke. We will not survive with only that. And I am not grumpy, I am being realistic.” He said coming to check on the oil barrels and as he kicked them and the sound of the guns hitting the ground stopped him and she sighed waiting for him to find them as he went to check the noise. “Oh my God.” He said and she walked to him as he lifted a rifle with a smile on his face and she tried to look surprise but all she could think was that the end of first stage was coming soon.

Back in camp, Octavia had asked for Murphy’s help to get near the ground and he did, he threatened Miller, just a little, it turned out not to be that hard to do and soon enough the boy cracked, he then left her alone and since then she has gone upstairs and out a couple of times as Murphy observed, she must be having quite a few romantic moments cleaning his wounds. Wells from what he could see was with the meat crew and Jessica with the nut crew and the looks they would give each other were disgustingly cute but he was happy that his friend got over Clarke and found someone for himself.
Charlotte had gone to check on Finn and that was why he saw Raven coming towards him. “It’s going to start soon.” She said when she got closer and he looked at her. “What are you talking about?” he asked since he hadn’t been here in camp for any of this. “Did you eat the nuts?” she asked and he shook her head. “Clarke specifically told me not to, that it would be bad if I did and well when she says that I usually just do as she tells me to.” He said to her and Raven nodded. “She is right and you did good, I didn’t eat any too. The nuts cause hallucinations. Look.” She said pointing at Octavia with Jasper giving him a stick and getting him to sit down.

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