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32 things that BTS do that seem to be fake, but are actually true (Hey that rhymed)
1- Jungkook is scared of microwaves. Whenever he needs to heat up food in the microwave, he runs away and hides until it finishes its job since he thinks it will explode.

2- In bon voyage, Jimin went to the bathroom and bts pretended to leave him behind as a punishment.

3- Once, bts practiced so hard that they broke the floor and fogged up the mirror.

4- Jin has a habit of rotating his wrist before adjusting his glasses.

5- When Jimin first met Jin, Jin asked Jimin if he sings and Jimin responded with a yes, and then Jin was like "then sing."

6- Jimin refers to himself as diminie when drunk.

7- During a run episode, Namjoon started ranting in English, only to be subtly be given a middle finger covered by a flower by yoongi.

8- Jungkook asked if what he saw was a real camel, only to be responded by yoongi "does it look like a human to you?"

9- People used to take pictures of Jin before he became a trainee because of his handsomeness.

10- When V got lost in Bon voyage, the members were so worried about him, but he spent the entire time skipping, taking pictures, blowing flowers.

11- Jimin tends to fall over when he laughs.

12- Jin tried to have a conversation with a parrot in Korean.

13- The boys gave a man heart eyes after he took his shirt off in bon voyage.

14- According to the members, Jungkook sleeps anywhere. He once slept in the living room under the table.

15- While learning how to twerk, Namjoon said "something keeps dangling."

16- Jin was completely baffled when army were able to log in into a game after guessing the password.

17- Jungkook put his coins in the wrong washing machine while doing his laundry.

18- While having lunch in BV2, yoongi forgot to order a drink, so when they all were doing cheers using their drinks, yoongi held up a container of sauce.

19- Jimin almost smacked a 14 year old boy who kept pissing him off in American hustle life.

20- Jhope compared himself to a flower, only for the flower to be kicked by Jimin.

21- Jungkook had a competition with a chicken.

22- Once in a bon voyage episode, a lady said the ones who are celebrating their marriage anniversary today to stand up and Namjoon and Jin stood up.

23- Taehyung judges the members, especially Jimin when they drink alcohol.

24- Namjoon doesn't know how to chop onions. He puts the knife upside down.

25- Taehyung and Jin squeezed themselves on a chair together and Jungkook sat on a chair above a table.

26- Taehyung literally told a zombie to "wait a minute. Hold up" since he didn't want to get captured.

27- Jhope becomes extremely calm when drunk.

28- Jungkook tried to balance himself on a pool floatie in American hustle life but ended up getting scolded for it. He also ate grapes and said "grapes before girls" while on the set for the boy in luv LA version MV shoot.

29- Yoongi tried to trick Jhope into telling him that he passed out and that he carried him (jhope) after he (jhope) woke up from a nap during bon voyage season 2.

30- Namjoon shoved an entire fortune cookie into his mouth without taking the paper out.

31- Jungkook took pictures of himself jumping in the bathroom.

31- Jungkook took pictures of himself jumping in the bathroom

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32- Jhope was acting cute, only to be sneezed on by Jimin.

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