Spin-off #1: how Jinki and Jonghyun met

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It was a beautiful sunny day of april when Jonghyun 5 came whining to his mother.
''-Eomma! I'm bored!
-Go play in the garden!
-But i'm alone!
-Ask Sodam!
-She's in her room with Hani and Minseok is out! When does Jongmin come back?
-In a week!
-But it's too long!
-You want someone to play with?
-Let me call a friend ok! Now go!''
The little 5 years old with dark brown hair ran to the livingroom to play with his toys. A few minutes later his mother called him and he ran to her.
''-Jonghyun a friend of mine will come with her son this afternoon! Get dressed and tidy your room ok?
-Yes mom! Thank you!''
He ran upstairs and quickly got dressed in a pink t-shirt and denim short before quickly cleaning his room. Just as he finished to do his bed the doorbell rung making him run downstairs.
''-Yebin! It's good to see you!
-Yes it's been 5 years already!
-Is that Jinki? You grew so much!
-Thank you aunt Eunbi!
-How are Daehwan and the kids?
-Daehwan is ok! At a fishing trip! Sodam is in her room with Hani, Minseok is out with friends and Jongmin is at a friend's house for the week! Jonghyun felt lonely! He's not used to be away from his brother!
-Don't worry my dear Jinki is easy going! Jinki my prince why don't you go and play with Jonghyun?
-Ok mom!''
The blond boy took a step toward the young werewolf but the later took a step back.
''-Mom i'm scared...
-Don't be! Jinki is a kind boy! Don't be shy go and play!'' Said the mother as she gently pushed him toward the older boy who smiled at the shy kid. The mothers moved to the kitchen in order to catch up.
''-Hello Jonghyun! I'm Jinki! Do you want to play with me?
-You won't hurt me?
-Why would i?
-I don't know the other kids always makes fun of me and hurt me...
-I won't hurt you! I'll protect you!
-Because i'm your hyung and bestfriend!
-Thank you Jinki-hyung!''

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