Magic and Mayhem

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Hope's jaw dropped as she stared at the scene of destruction before her, awestruck. Holy Hell! "What?" she asked again, trying to comprehend the improbable sight. Did her sister really do that? That was amazing! But why the hell was she aiming something so dangerous in their direction?! "Did you...? That was...! What the hell...?!" was all that she could get out at the moment.

"What she said!" Alibaba agreed, equally amazed and startled. "Watch where you're pointing that thing!"

"Did... did I get it?!" Faith asked instead of answering them, panting with beads of nervous sweat on her brow.

"I should think so... The whole wall is destroyed," Ja'far replied, sweat-dropping. Sinbad was still staring at Faith, stunned. He was suddenly very afraid of this girl, especially recalling how she had aimed an explosive spell in his direction before. He could only thank his lucky stars that one had been a dud. She was dangerous enough to antagonize before, but now... He really needed to make sure he stayed on her good side!

"Will someone please tell us what's going on?" Hope asked again, getting a little irritated by the lack of acceptable explanations. "Did you do that, Faith? Are you... okay?" she asked her sister, frowning a little with concern when she noticed how pale Faith's face was and how she looked as though she had seen a ghost.

"S-Sorry, Hope..." Faith apologized, taking a shaky breath. "It was sort of an accident... I didn't mean to get you guys too. I just got startled when it appeared!"

"... It?" Hope asked, furrowing her brow.

"IT," Faith confirmed darkly with a nod, using a grave tone as she launched into a flashback. "It all started when..."

«« Flashback ««

"Yeah... Nothing's coming out," Faith said boredly after a moment of trying to concentrate on making the stick in her hand do something. "I think I have a case of magical constipation."

"You..." Sinbad said, sweat-dropping, while Ja-far wrinkled his nose a little in disgust. Was she always this difficult? "What do you normally do to get your psychic powers going? From what I've heard, they usually manifest when you're feeling extremely emotional, right?"

"Right! It's usually when I'm scared or pissed off!" Faith agreed.

"Okay, so... focusing on the emotions she had the first time she Djinn Equipped helped Hope, so maybe focusing on those emotions could help you with your magic," Ja'far suggested.

"Actually, it was thanks to my brilliant use of pop culture references," Faith corrected him.

"Right... Anyway, just try giving that a shot for now," Sinbad told her, deciding not to bother asking.

"Okay!" Faith said brightly as she sat up and thrust her wand into the air, immediately perking up. "Hmm... something that makes me feel scared or aggressive... I wonder what I should..." she mused aloud, freezing when IT suddenly appeared only inches from her face. "GYAAAAHHH!!!" Faith screamed, immediately shooting back several feet in the blink of an eye as she aimed her 'wand' at it, and fired with the dire intention of obliterating IT from the face of the earth.

"?!?!" Everyone gasped when the wall behind IT suddenly blew out from the force of the attack. Sinbad and Ja'far stared at the large hole in the wall, stunned.

»» End Flashback »»

"And that's how it happened," Faith concluded, exhaling as she finally began to relax from her quick scare. "Man, that thing really freaked me out! So dangerous..."

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