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{I have no excuse for being gone so long, guys. I just... haven't updated. Every time I sat down to update I DIDNT, because IM THE WORST. But I'm back! I have not, in fact, lost interest in this story, only motivation. But with school back, and my routine not being horribly chaotic, I'm back in business. Also, I have OVER 8 THOUSAND READS? AHHHH}

Peter waited in the car, wringing his hands anxiously and looking around. Happy was in the front seat, the screen set between them, so Peter couldn't look to him for comfort. He didn't plan on it, either, as Happy wasn't the best person when in times of distress. So Peter sat alone, thinking about what Mr.Stark and the others could be talking about. 

Maybe they were taking Tony out of adopting Peter? It seems like something they would do, not because they disliked him, but because they knew it wasn't good for either of them. But it was good! Tony was a good guardian, and Peter adored him. But if they tried to take Peter away from him, where would he go? He couldn't go to a Foster home, God forbid. 

So there he sat. 

Before he could get too lost in his thoughts,  the doors of the restaurant opened, with the trio walking out. They all were chattering together, and Tony shook both of their hands, before giving them both hugs and a farewell as they entered their respective vehicles, and Tony entered his. Peter glanced up warily but gave him a smile.  "So. . . what did you talk about?" He asked, trying to keep his tone light, but he failed, and some anxiety slipped through. Tony looked over at him in pity, and Peter felt a familiar sting in his chest. this is it, this is when he tells me.

Tony grabbed his shoulder, and took in a breath, before smiling. "Don't stress so much, Peter, nothing bad happened. We just discussed the adoption papers, and how we'll break it to the public." He spoke softly, kindly, but Peter could hear the undertones of "I'll never leave."  And it comforted him more than he'd like to admit, knowing that, hopefully, Tony Stark would be a constant in his life- Hell, he already was! Since Peter was old enough to have an idol, it was Tony Stark, always in the news, on the TV, and in magazines. Then, when he came out as Ironman, he was there, even more, so Peter had something to look forward to always- Tony. But hearing the man verbalize this, telling Peter outright that he would be there for him. It was liberating, freeing and also terrifying. 

He nodded, smiling wide at Tony and letting himself relax, leaning into the man's touch and letting his shoulders slouch. He was safe, for now. Maybe for always, who knew? 


The car ride back to the Tower was quiet, and Peter was horribly drowsy by the time they got there, the mixture of soft music, the movement of the car and the warmth of Tony sitting next to him, they all contributed to his being tired. When they got there, Tony shook his shoulder gently, just to assure Peter was actually awake so he didn't have to lug the kid upstairs. But Peter opened his eyes, blinking up at Tony in a daze. He squinted, confused at who he was looking at, before closing his eyes again. "M' comfy, dad." Before snuggling further into the seat. Tony blinked for a moment, a warmth filling his chest so much he felt he might cry. But he didn't, only shook Peter again, gently, and saying " C'mon, Kid, we gotta get you in a real bed." This time Peter opened his eyes fully, rubbing them, and nodding. He stood, trailing behind Tony. 

They entered the elevator, a nice change between the cold garage, and the warm elevator. He leaned against a wall, closing his eyes briefly. It was nice, the comfortable silence between him and Tony, not needing to say anything, just to be with each other. Peter felt safe, so, so safe. 

Before the Towers alarms went off.

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