Get to Know the Cats! (Chapter 3-9)

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Here is some info on all the cats!

🍒 Cherrypaw 🍒

Cherrypaw is a 9 moons old She-cat apprentice, the daughter of Redfur and Mumblecry, before they broke up.

Really, she's a one stand child cause Redfur wanted to get Tigerstrike jealous, but she got pregnant with Mumblecry's kits.

Cherrypaw was going to have a sister named Lotuskit, but the idea was scraped last second.

🌄✴ Morningstar ✴🌄

Morningstar is the head leader of the Dark Forest, standing in leadership with her is Weaslestar and Ivystar.

Morningstar died from her son, a white pelted tom with yellow eyes.

Morningstar is actually scared of Celestial, thanks to him looking like an almost spitting image of her son.

Morningstar is actually based on my aunt's cat, Cocoa.

👼 Celestial 👼

Celestial's name was originally going to be Castiel, in honor of the Supernatural character, Castiel.

Celestial's story, looks, and attitude were made in under 30 minutes, and was originally never going to have his own story here.

Celestial was first made for Aceisforeverloved OC Rater, if it wasn't for their encouragement, The Starstepper maybe of never be punished.

🍵 Twitchfur 🍵

Twitchfur was picked on by Yellowtuft and Violetnose as a kit, cause of his twitches, making him grow up with low self-esteem.

Twitchfur is homosexual, and is in love with Ravenheart

Twitchfur has ADHA, OCD, Motive Tics, and ADD


Ravenheart is very protection of Twitchfur, and makes others think twice before picking on him.

Ravenheart, as a kit, was very depressed and an introvert after his father passed.

Ravenheart's father actually taught him fighting moves at the age of four moons.

Ravenheart is actually Bisexual

💥 Sandclaw 💥

Sandclaw and his family actually came from France, so he has a thick French accent.

Sandclaw was once in Windclan, where he was Tunneler.

Even in Thunderclan, Sandclaw still digs small tunnels, making small emergency exits just in case of an attack.

🌹 Violetnose 🌹

Violetnose and Yellowtuft are sisters.

Violetnose and Tigerstrike were once mates, but they broke up after Falconpaw was born, because Violetnose didn't want him.

Now, Violetnose is mates with Heavybelly.

That's all for now, hope you enjoyed! Noe, your may be wondering why I added so many characters, they all have certain story elements from, Sandclaw's Frenchness, to why Heavybelly is so.... fat. You'll see later one why everyone is thought out a bit! ^^

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