YouTube From The Dark Net

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"I remember that one day I found 
YouTube-like video hosting site. One video there was a footage of an execution of a few man, somewhere in Middle East. 

Footage was made with cell phone. 
About 20 men were kneeling. Some of them had bags on their's heads. Behind them stood a larger group of other men, with various guns. One of them was speaking in the language I could not identify, and there were no subtitles, but I could imagine what is he talking about. 
I think, that after he had finished, he yelled a command and shots were fired. 
Not one. Not two or even three shots for every victim. They kept shooting until theirs clips went empty, even though, those on the ground were long dead. 

It wasn't like in action movies. No river or blood, or anything. But the fact that men you were looking at, you saw them crying, or praying, were dead minute later. Lying all together, still getting hit by bullets.

If you concider getting into the Dark Net, but you're not sure, better not to try. You may found there plenty of interesting stuff, but even more of things like those described by me."

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