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05. first touching

"What are you?"

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"What are you?"

Foster's body grew rigid, her mind emptied. Elena repeated the question, staring at her, begging her to answer, to deny what she already knew. Foster didn't. "You know," Foster almost whispered. 

"No, I don't," Elena said. She didn't want to know. 

"You do. Why else would you be looking at me like that?" Foster remembered finding out Katherine was a vampire. How she felt, everything. She remembered looking at Katherine the same way Elena was looking at her.

"It's not possible," Elena shook her head, "It can't be."

"Foster," Stefan said, behind her. "I'll catch up," she told him. Stefan went around them, and Elena flinched when he did. 

"It is," Foster sighed. "Everything will change," she said sadly.

Elena squared her shoulders, asking for the third time, "What are you?"

"I'm a vampire." It hurt. 

"I shouldn't have come," Elena said, her voice showing her fear, her eyes showing it more.  

"Elena..." Elena turned away. Going after her, Foster dropped the stake and sped in front of her. 

The fear on her face broke Foster's heart. "How did you do that?" 

"Please don't be afraid of me," Foster pleaded. She reached for the other girl but Elena took two steps back. "Elena, please, let me explain."

"Let me go!" Elena cried. Foster stepped to the side and Elena ran to her car, slammed the door and drove away. 

Stefan was waiting for her somewhere, but Foster couldn't think. Everything was suddenly happening — Damon was loose, hungry, no telling how many people he'd already killed; Zach was dead, the last human Salvatore was dead; Elena was terrified of her. Foster followed her instincts and the grass on the Gilberts's lawn crunched under feet. Elena's window was open, Foster noted, Jenna wasn't home, and she could hear Jeremy's music coming from headphones. Walking up the steps, Foster knocked on the door. She heard Elena's footsteps stop in front of before it slowly opened. 

"I don't want you to come inside," Elena said. She looked at Foster, believing the vampire would barge in any way. Instead, Foster took a step back, keeping her sad eyes on Elena. 

"I would never hurt you, Elena," Foster told her. 

"Everything that's happened — the animal attacks, those people who died?"

"That was Damon," she admitted. "Stefan and I, we don't have the same... diet as him. Damon chooses differently."

"There's a choice?" Elena asked. 

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