9: Zion

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10,532 likes ▪ 1,050 comments


AriaFalls: that was fun. We should do it again sometime :D

Haterz: ew I don't ship

Kayporter: who is this bitch?

Supreme: okay I ship this. Ship name asap

Zionkuwonu: Tomorrow? @AriaFalls

Zion_kuwonu: back off my man hoe @AriaFalls

AriaFalls: he was never yours to begin with boo. Thanks :) @Zion_kuwonu

AriaFalls: Okay, i got a surprise for you 😘 @Zionkuwonu

Joint: whats the surprise? 😏

Nickmaraisthatyou: Zion lookin fine tho

Slaydaddy: 😭😭 why

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