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*Authors note*

Alright so with my past stories I always forget to continue writing but I promise I will keep writing this one because I just have so many ideas for this story. I'm gonna say this though THIS IS NOT A REMIX OF THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. Honestly I didn't even get the idea from that book or movie I just came up with it. But that doesn't mean I won't give it the same kind of ending that book/movie gave. I will give you no promises about what I write in this story because like I said I have so many ideas. It might make you love or hate me but that's the point so let's get on with the story..


Lauren's POV:

Today was the usual day. Wake up, eat breakfast, take a shower, get out of the shower when its getting difficult to breathe and I feel like I'm drowning, then get dressed and sit on my bed calming myself down, believing that I couldn't breathe and my heart racing and giving me pain because I was scared. Scared of something... or someone. I never really knew what I was scared of. I always believed it was just because I was always a really paranoid person; always thinking someone is watching me or that someone was in my house getting ready to kill me. It gotten so bad that when I think someone is in my house I think of what I would do if someone really was here and had a plan to kill my family starting with my mother with a gun pointed at her head. I then would say, "Okay first I'll grab a pillow and stuff my laptop in it and put the pillow under my shirt and then I will put my helmet from softball on, that thankfully had a face mask on it, and then I would grab my bat and go and beat the bastard that walked into my house thinking he could kill my family and I."

        But the thing is, I knew the truth. I wouldn't be able to go through with that, I would wimp out when I just see the guy coming through the front door through my window that had a clear view of the front door. Anyway after I calmed myself, my heart still gave me the pain. But I wouldn't let anyone know about what I feel and what happens to me basically every day, not my parents, not my best friends, no one. Like I said I would just pass it off as paranoia and didn't think it was a big deal.

My parents? Yeah, they don't seem to notice anything because their always with my athletic perfect sister at her games or planning her expensive parties or their too busy taking care of my two younger siblings that need all their attention. So, I'm always trying to impress them with my grades and hopefully get a scholarship to a college. But I only get them saying how proud they are for me for about two minutes and then they say how I have to do better for another minute and then put their attention to someone other than me. I always feel like the adopted one of the family. Anyway I'm the girl that locks herself in her room with only her phone and her music that seems to take me to a different world for a while. I also am left with my sucky laptop. I was promised one for my birthday that was about 10 months ago but never got it due to my mom claiming it was "out of stock". As you can tell my birthday is coming up again but I'm not very excited for it, nothing happens. I still don't get attention from my family on the one day that is supposed to be I guess about me, only attention I get is from my friends on my birthday. Lastly I'm left with my thoughts, which are never that good for anyone. This is the typical life of me, 17 year old Lauren Daniels, but that night everything changed...

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