Chapter 11: you are beautiful

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A/N (Yes, I know this chapter is very short. But I am currently writing the next chapter as I already know what I want to happen. I am so excited with where this is heading. I think I am going to do about 10 more chapters and then I will write a sequel. But the sequel mostly won't be in Clary and Jace's pov *wink wink* I hope that didn't give it away. Any guesses on what I'm talking about?

Clary pov

Jace and I sat in Jamba Juice for an hour just talking while he looks through my journals and complimented each of my sketches, even though I knew he was lying.

I'm honestly just glad that he didn't see the page where I was sketching him. Talk about awkward. We were driving back to the dorm but I noticed we weren't going the right way.

  "Jace we're going the wrong way. It's this way." I say pointing the other direction. "Trust me, I know where we're going." He says and we keep on driving in silence.

  We end up at the beach and we both get out of the car and start walking towards the waves. We decided to sit on a rock facing towards the ocean and enjoy the view.

  I shiver and he looks towards me. "Are you cold?"

  "No I'm fine." I say lying but of course he sees through me and takes off his leather jacket and puts it on me. "Thank you" I murmur and he nods his head as we both turn to look back at the waves crashing on the shore as the sunset sits there looking vibrant with all of its blues, and yellows, and pinks.

"It's beautiful." I say about to look up at him. "I know." He says and I look up to see he's already looking at me. We sit there looking into each other's eyes. I lean forward and rest my forehead on his as we sink our breaths together, becoming one in the same.

I am going to marry this man. If it is the last thing I do.

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