Chapter 3

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Riley's P.O.V.
I wake up felling funny, and I know something isn't right but my brain is in a fog and I don't know what to do.  I remember that I went to work with Hunter and eventually my brain clears out and I think to call him.
"No love he is busy can I help." The voice says.
"I need to talk to him please."
"Ok here he is," the phone is handed over.
"Hunter" I say
"Riley what's wrong baby."
"I don't know, I think something is wrong though." I tell him
"What feels wrong?" He askes
"My brain is fuzzy and I feel light headed. Wait did we do my meds this morning?"
"No.  Crap I'm on my way baby hold on. Keep talking to me.  Are you still in the room."
"Ok I am almost there."
"Hunter I'm going to..."
"No Riley baby stay with me honey I'm almost there."  It's to late I don't hear him and I pass out.
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