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We'd like to give a big thank you and nod of respect to everyone who applied. It's going to be tough out there, but we know our warriors will be able to withstand the heat of battle. That being said, entries are now CLOSED. Below is the list of participants, as well as our wonderful judges. Make sure to follow the judges, as your continued involvement in the contest is dependent on that. You have one week to do so. 






ESJohnson: The Talisman

laorangerose: S. S. Olympus

AnnabethC: Élphame

DaughtersofHorus: War Of Egypt II: The Persians

Devita33 Thanatos: The Red Dawn

Itz_Priya: Kismat

megswriting: Tempest AND Sovereign of Stars

VividlyCrimson18: Divine

Dinosaurs_in_Space: The Tree That Grew The Apples

im_a_crazy_dreamer: Thrice Great

BabeImBack: Ignis Mediocris

Airzae: Daughter of Ice and Bone

GreatestShowmanLover: Maiden of the Woods

darthwitty: Kenzie McCool: The Giants' Rivalry

ebsolace: Good Gods AND Scary Kind of Love

KingWinters: Rise of Pandora

AceOfRunes: Artemis

The list of Round 1 survivors will be posted on August 10th, so stay tuned!

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