Chapter 1

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The above cover is by my cute friend husna12mehra .  Husna, Love you so much❤️️

Zinnia Mae White Point of View

Why am I going through this shit again? Why?

It's not like I had done a grave sin to be lectured this way. I just didn't do what I was supposed to, that's it and now I'm being pinned by a glare that my best friend is throwing since the moment she stepped into my apartment.

"You know what; you will get killed one day if you keep up with this habit of yours." Tuyen, my best friend scowled at me once again enlightening me about the possibilities of me getting into trouble.

I want to defend myself saying that I can't help being that way, but zipped my mouth when I saw her glare at me like she would put me in fire if she has the power to.

"But – "I started to try and defend myself despite of her deadly glare.

"I think you need a good counseling." She said looking at me with a determined look.


For goodness sake, I'm not a screw-loose person to go for a counseling session for something so small.

"You must be kidding me. Why would someone go to a psychiatrist for something so petty?" I gaped at her.

Dear Lord, she would definitely sign me up into a rehabilitation centre without my consent, for sure. This girl is taking this too far. I need to cut this out right now.

"No not to a Psychiatrist. You would make a Psychiatrist go mad with your nonsense." She scrunched her nose and pursed her lips in to a thin line in annoyance.

"Oh come on, you are just making this big for no good reason." I shrugged away the friendly insult she gave me.

"No good reason? Are you – " She was cut off by the loud sound of the main door opening.

"Hello girls, what are you both up to?" Came chirpy voice of my only family, my cousin, Albina.

Albina's and my parents passed away in a plane crash three years ago and from then on we are each other's support and source. While I am a little hyper and impulse kind of girl, Albina is soft spoken and think-before-you-speak kind of girl. Though we are cousins, we love each other more than own siblings do.

Albina is twenty and was about to complete her university in a couple of months, whereas I'm the older one between both of us with twenty one years of life experience and a very good, most reviewed and praised kinder garden teacher. She's a bright student unlike me who just bluffed in answer sheets and always wanted to be a real estate agent since she has this weird obsession for houses.

"I was just About to Suggest Zinnia to go meet a monk for a little philosophical preaching." Tuyen, who's an Asian by nature and feature, suggested suddenly.

"WHAT? A Monk? "I shouted in exasperation with her absurd suggestion.

To a Monk for preaching?

Is she serious?

"What has she done now?" Albina sighed and took a seat beside me taking a sip from sparkling water bottle in her hand.

Nothing too serious!

"Don't you have any work at your pharmacy that you are targeting me today?" My words are ignored by Tuyen when she looked at Albina to tell her everything.

"Well, your lovely cousin here got into trouble again due to her short term impulsive excitement filled decision making skill which she cannot stand upon."Tuyen said for which Albina watched me with concern and disbelief eyes.

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